Google Pixel 6a – An Affordable Smartphone Built On the Foundation of the Pixel 6

The amount of interest that cine lovers take in the sequel of a movie depends mainly on the original film’s popularity. The same is true for smartphones. Take the instance of Google pixel 6a, for which gadget lovers are holding their breath as they expect something wonderful from Google’s budget phone. And why should they not? Google has set the bar high with the release of Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, both powered by the company’s chipset Tensor that has become a sensation. Although the sales figures of Google’s earlier mid-range phones like Pixel 4a or Pixel 5a are not as impressive as those of Samsung or Xiaomi yet, Google has a sizeable follower base that closely monitors the progress while trying to anticipate the pixel 6a release date.

In line with the tech industry tradition, Google maintains complete secrecy about pixel 6a, and all information provided in this article is the result of the assimilation of rumors floating in the air. But still, it is worth noting the world view about the much anticipated Google phone to gather some idea that should enhance its acceptability. Hoping for a mid-year release of the phone in 2022, let’s try to find out more about it.

Design and display

As the first step towards greater acceptability of the new phone, Google remains faithful to the design of the Pixel 6 series of phones. Those who have seen the phone should easily recognize the latest phone from its design. The design lends prominence to the cameras placed on the camera block that runs horizontally like a band across the back of the phone. The front camera with a punch-hole, a flat-screen, and the three-tone color of the phone are some of the distinct design elements of the phone.

The power and volume buttons are placed on the edge of the phone on the upper right-hand side, and you will find the speaker, USB-C port, and the microphone placed under the grills on the bottom panel. However, the headphone port is not visible anywhere on the phone body.

The pixel 6a measures 152.2 mm x71.8 mm x 8.7mmm, excluding the camera bump, and has a glass back. The phone has a 6.2 inch OLED screen proportionate to its smaller size than the Pixel 6 series phones.

Specs and features

Despite costing less than the Pixel 6 series phones, Google offers the same Tensor chipset and the same design for pixel 6a. Google wants to convey good value to consumers who have no regrets for not owning the Pixel 6 series phones. The Tensor chipset packs a lot of power into the phone to access advanced features like Live Translation. Without any concrete information about the specifications, you can assume that the phone will have 6GB or 8GB RAM with 128 GB storage. Moreover, the possibility of the phone has an in-screen fingerprint scanner is relatively high. In all probability, it will be a 5G phone, which is soon becoming the new standard and run on Android 12.

Camera and battery

It is surprising that despite being a phone, people seldom focus on the audio quality of smartphones and attaches more importance to the cameras. Yes, that’s how phones have evolved to become primary devices for capturing images and pushing traditional cameras to the fringes. Indeed, technology has played a vital role in transforming smartphones into the most sought-after devices that added new dimensions to photography.

The Google pixel 6a series cameras would be similar to those of Pixel 5 with a 12.2 MP primary camera far below the 50 MP cameras of the Pixel 6 series. However, the 12 MP ultra-wide snapper would be the same as the Pixel 6. The front-facing camera, too, would be 8MP, but the real difference would be in the sensors.

The new phone battery would be similar or even slightly better than that of the Pixel 6 series. The Google pixel 6a will have a 4800 mAh battery with 30W fast charging instead of the 4614 mAh battery of the Pixel 6 series.

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