Find my AirPods- How an Apple device can help you retrieve your lost Airpods?

The thought of losing your Airpods might be scary. But you need not worry because you can trace the Airpods by locating them with the help of the Find My app of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, or Mac. There is no need to search around here and there or peep under the sofa to look for the missing AirPods. By knowing the technique of how to find my AirPods, you can get back the beloved accessory without moving from your place. It might even happen that you misplace the entire set of Airpods with the case and use the same technique to retrieve the tiny devices that make you smile again. Apple protects its users from the sorrow of losing their favorite Airpods.

Find my AirPods – the ins and outs

When you get the Airpods for the first time, the primary task is to pair it with some other Apple device that you might be using. As almost everyone uses iPhone, it is a commonplace to pair the Airpods with your iPhone, although you can do it with all other Apple devices like IPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or even Mac. All these devices have the Find My app pre-installed that shows how to find AirPods. However, turning on Find My before the Airpods go missing is essential to regain the lost Airpods.  Find My is the only tool to track and get back your lost Airpods. Remember that the app is compliant with Apple devices only but will not help you find third-party earbuds. Not only Airpods, Find My enables you to find any other Apple device.

How to view the location of your AirPods?

Airpods are listed in the Find My menu, but you must know how to activate the search that differs by device. For example, if you use iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you will find AirPods under the Devices after opening the Find My app. If you are using Apple Watch (OS 8.0 or later) with an internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi), Choose your Airpods after opening the Find Devices app. Mac users must open the Find My app, then tap on Devices, and select their Airpods. If you do not have any Apple device near at hand, you can sign into the iCloud.com/find with your Apple ID and choose all devices, followed by selecting your Airpods. In a nutshell, that’s all about how to find my AirPods.

During the search, you will see a map displayed on the device’s screen that will point out the locations of the Airpods. If you lose both Airpods but separate them, then you will find the place of one Airpod on the map. After retrieving one Airpod and putting it in the case, refresh the map and start searching for the other one by repeating the process. Soon on locating the second Airpod, put it back into the case.

Airpods must stay connected to the internet.

Since the Find My app searches by using the internet, the Airpods you are searching for must have an active internet connection to get their exact location. Or else, if the Airpods (1st and 2nd generation) are offline, it will be difficult to recover them because the map would show the location when the Airpods were last connected to the internet. After that, if the Airpods move while remaining offline, your efforts to locate AirPods will be futile.

The 3rd generation Airpods like Airpods Max or Airpods Pro have the Find My Network feature and as long as it is on, Find My keeps showing the updated location for 24 hours.

The Airpods can give out a sound.

The most exciting aspect of the Find My AirPods feature is that Airpods, out of the case, can make a sound provided the device used for Find My has iOS15.1. The sound will play even if the AirPods are within the case.

In the case of separated Airpods, you must mute anyone by tapping Left or Right to locate them one at a time.

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