Beats Solo 3 Headphones Are As Good As You Would Expect of the Dated Technology

Despite having Apple’s distinctive technological magic working inside, the wireless on-the-ear beats solo 3 headphones carry the legacy of the Beats 2 Solo wireless headphones in their looks and design. Perhaps maintaining the brand identity is the reason for adhering to the same design. However, the device has undergone a sea change inside; evident from the increased battery life and the W1 custom bit Apple chip that powers the Bluetooth connectivity.   The headphones are easy to pair with Android and iOS devices, unlike other Apple products compatible with iOS only. The Bluetooth support is exceptional in providing a rock-solid wireless connection. However,   the beats solo 3 wireless headphones use a Micro-USB charging cable.

Beats solo 3 – a fashionable headphone

Any beats solo 3 wireless review unequivocally admits that despite being more than five years old, the headphones are still fashionable and maintain their appeal to consumers. The aesthetic is in tune with the modern lineup of audio products, although it does not have great features, and the performance is average. If you accept the limitations, the headphones are a great choice because of the splendid Bluetooth connectivity that speaks of Apple’s technological excellence. Device pairing and switching devices are super easy for iPhone owners because of the W1 chip, which though not as efficient as the H1 chips that are the latest ones.

The subdued design of the beats solo3 wireless headphones holds high appeal for fashion-conscious listeners who can choose from a range of colors that match their style sense. However, the comfort of the on-ear design is not something that one feels like mentioning separately.


The headphone design has some typical traits of the Beats brand that makes it easy to recognize. The tone-down contours of the headphones create subdued looks with a less aggressive appearance, but the glossy finish would attract young listeners who look for some flashy touches. Besides the shiny black color, the headphones are available in matte black, gold, rose gold, silver, white, red, and violet. The Bright ‘B’ logo matches the color of the headset instead of the earlier red color. The leather-topped foam earpads look pretty ordinary, which balances the all-plastic construction of the headphones. The headband has a squidgy rubber lining on the underside, ensuring a stable fit by exerting uniform pressure. The headphones would remain firmly in their place even during jogging sessions.


The beats solo3 wireless headphones have a soft carrying case with a zipper and carabiner, a micro USB charging cable, and a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. The zippered case is helpful for those with insufficient bag space as you can make the headphones hang from the outside of the bag, but opting for a hardshell case ensures better protection. The 3.5 mm input is suitable for inserting a headphone jack for enjoying wired music.


The W1 chip helps instantly connect with any Android or iOS device. As you switch on the headset, a pop-up card prompts you to pair the device with your iPhone. All other iCloud devices would automatically recognize the headphones. To connect with Android devices, you have to use the Bluetooth menu. The W1 chip range of 30 meters is fantastic as it maintains uninterrupted connectivity regardless of whether the phone is inside your backpack or in your pocket.

The low emphasis on bass is one of the sound characteristics of the beats solo 3 wireless headsets. The device amplifies the low notes over treble and mids but does not degrade the audio quality. The gentle bass can be good for it to some extent. The moderate isolation of the headphones is unable to handle low-frequency sounds but does an excellent job with high-frequency sounds.

Battery and microphone

The beats solo 3 has a great battery life that runs for 48 hours on a single charge. Fast Fuel technology ensures speedy charging that only 5 minutes to provide 3 hours of playtime. Sadly, the headset has a poor microphone.

Knowing what you get from the headphone will make your decision-making easy. You will certainly be benefitted after using these headphones.

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