Shure SM7B Review – An Excellent Upgrade for The Studio

The shure sm7b is a legend for a microphone ideal for vocal and instrumental use in broadcasting and recording studios. The microphone is a product of decades of research and development in acoustics, and its dynamic range delivers polished and professional sound in almost any room.

Whether one is looking for just a single microphone or a building professional studio for streaming, voiceover, or podcasting, the staying power of Shure SM7B  makes it earn a spot on top of its list.

Shure SM7B – Design

The shure sm7b visually stands out with its steel and aluminum housing and a distinctive grey windscreen. It has an efficient design in which the microphone hangs from a fused yoke with a threaded nut for mounting stand and a three-pin XLR jack. The microphone backside has custom sound control with two switches that toggle between fully flat responses, low frequency rolls off, and mid-frequency boost.

When the mic is in hand, the feeling is heavy as the mic is not lopsided or fragile. The microphone weighs over 1.5 pounds and has a circumference measurement of 7 inches, and it requires a decent counterweight microphone stand to handle its weight.

The shure sm7b microphone design provides clean, consistent, and honest audio output. The features of its casing allow shielding from the electromagnetic hum. Inside the housing, the vibration isolator and air suspension keep the acoustics of the capsule isolated to resist noise from any movement.

A big and rigid metal grille protects the capsule from impacts or bumps underneath the windscreen. The microphone has high longevity with its rugged built capsule and thick housing, and it can withstand countless drops without any effect on its functionality or sound.

Shure SM7B – Functions

The microphone can be set up quickly with its integrated design of the captured thread nut and XLR output. It takes lesser time than to load recording software on a computer—the sm7b microphone interfaces with audio equipment with an XLR cable. The SM7B requires a clean gain to deliver a usable audio output. The mic is strictly for use on a stand, and if handheld, it may result in movement of cables that lead to popping and electrical noise.

The Shure SM7B can withstand high sound pressure levels of 180 decibels and be placed in front of the heaviest drummers or the loudest guitar amps. The sound accuracy and consistency are delivered in spades, and the frequency response the microphone captures varies from 20 to 20,000 Hz, which makes it a popular choice for vocal and musical sources.

The Shure SM7B is considered among the best microphones for vocals due to two EQ switches on its rear, which further shape the sound. The shaping option gives flexibility when experimenting with different sound sources. The two integrated windscreens are key to the flexibility and consistency of the microphone. The windscreen dense foam blocks the capsule from plosives and air bursts that can ruin a   vocal recording or a podcast discussion. They are removable and useful when recording from instruments like drums and guitars where there is no fear of airbursts.

Shure SM7B – Sound

The Shure SM7B   is versatile. It can handle sounds from different sources such as voice, drum with kick and snare type, guitar with acoustic and bass amp variety. Whatever be the type, the overall sound is smooth and dense compared to other average condenser microphones. Unlike other condenser microphones, which use sensitive and thin membranes to respond to sounds, the Shure SM7B has a dynamic design that responds to a beefy moving coil, which is less sensitive and more durable. Because of its heart-shaped pickup pattern, it is sensitive to sound coming directly in front of the capsule and rejects any ambient noise in the room.

Who should Buy the Shure SM7B Microphone?

One cannot think of a better microphone deal than the shure sm7b price of $399. Whether it is a newcomer or an audio professional, this mic is worth a slightly higher price than the $249 Shure MV7 microphone. The versatility and durability of SM7B have earned it a good reputation. Some may prefer the Shure SM7B for its compact digital setup, but if budget is not a constraint, the SM7B flat sound makes it a stunning vocal microphone.

You have all the good reasons to get shure SM7B in accordance with your need and demand. It would be better to talk to someone who has already used this product.

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