Shure MV7 Review – A High-End Microphone Suitable For The Podcasting And Streaming

The varied uses of microphones have compelled microphone makers to offer products with the philosophy of horses for courses. The aim is to create microphones that meet the specific requirements of a group of users instead of catering to a broader section. The shure mv7 microphone is a typical example of such applications. The microphone is most suitable for those engaged in content creation like podcasting and streaming rather than the traditional musical applications. The microphone with hybrid connectivity of USB and XLR ensures a dual output that simplifies the recording process while making it mandatory to backup audio files. It’s an excellent microphone for beginners and seasoned professionals. To discover the full features and functions of the microphone, keep reading this shure mv7 review. But remember that it’s not a budget microphone and costs around $250.

Shure MV7 review

The microphone has an exceptional quality of capturing audio accurately under any situation. Ideally, podcasters would benefit the most by using the microphone that allows using the dual output either together or individually. However, the shure mv7 podcast microphone, as many would like to call it, can also serve as a gaming microphone that can take advantage of its simplified streaming process. It’s a Teamspeak and MFI certified microphone that can be a perfect choice for YouTubers considering it for in-studio video recordings to achieve the specific content profile by adjusting the sound.

Design and Looks

The black microphone with a metal housing, sturdy token mount, and foam windscreen resembles the design of its predecessor Shure SM7B, which set an industry standard. The impressive looks of the microphone seem quite assuring in delivering war, highly focused vocal tones in broadcast studios and during recording. The lack of buttons and switches in the design is especially noticeable as the controls are within a touch panel with a row of LED lights that display the gain level. A toggle switch on the panel is for muting the mic on the go. The headphone jack output, XLR, and micro USB port are at the backside of the microphone body.   The adjustable frequency responses are a premium feature of the MV7, but you must download the Shure+ MOTIV app to use the feature.


The touch panel has an excellent look that matches the microphone’s elegant design, but functionally it lacks the spontaneity of dials, knobs, and switches. It is difficult to control the volume while speaking because it needs two hands to complete the action by holding the microphone, which can cause unwanted sound and affect the quality of the recording.   To adjust the gain, make sure to stop the microphone during the process.


The microphone’s versatility and appeal stem from XLR and USB’s dual connectivity. The standard XLR output helps to connect the shure mv7 microphone to the mixer or audio interface according to your need. By using the USB output, you can connect the microphone to your PC or smartphone directly without the need for any interface.

You can use both the connection methods together, which is often necessary when recording a backup. However, using both the outputs together may pose problems for Windows users because of the shortcomings of Windows. Although it’s a drawback, you cannot blame the microphone makers for it. To use both the outputs simultaneously, Mac users have to create an aggregate device to get the job done to use both the results simultaneously.

MOTIV App Helps to Expand the Functionalities

When you use the microphone with your PC, smartphone, or tablet by connecting it directly with the USB port, you can access the MOTIV app, a complimentary offer from the manufacturers. The app gives access to more features and functionalities, which are more than what you expect. It’s like a bonus and opens up new horizons to improve the device’s performance. From auto-level control to changing the tonality of your recordings, you can adjust the mic’s input levels to avoid clipping your sound. The app gives the microphone a definite competitive advantage as users would love the options that enhance the quality of the presentation of the content.

No Shure MV7 review can be complete without mentioning the user-friendliness of the microphone that appeals to the broadest section of users in the category.

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