Razer Barracuda X Review

A Nice Blend of Style, Comfort, and Solid Performance

Multi-platform gamers on the lookout for a budget-friendly wireless headset with superb sound and comfortable fit need not look beyond the Razer Barracuda x, which supports mobile devices, PC, Switch, and PS5. The versatile headset can meet the needs of music lovers and commuters too. Like other Razer products, the headset gives less stress to the looks but emphasizes the deliverables with considerable success. A low-priced, high-performing product is one of the best ways to describe the headset that weighs less than other gaming headsets and works just about everywhere. Remote workers would also find the headset helpful in engaging in prolonged Zoom calls throughout the day. But commuters might worry about the portability of the headsets due to the bulky design. As you read this Razer Barracuda x review, you will know more about the features and functions.

Razer Barracuda x review

The simple design of the headset with a flexible boom microphone looks attractive despite the bulkiness typical of gaming headsets. The headset ticks the right boxes of style and flexibility, and the audio quality is very satisfying. Although it weighs only 250 grams, the heavy metal headsets and even the Logitech G733 are the lightest despite the bulky design. With its superior sound quality and comfortable design, the Razer Barracuda x could be the best headset for all-day wear.


The solid plastic build of the matte black headset with metal reinforced adjustable headband looks decent because of its simple, no-frills design. The mesh-fabric covered ear pads are soft and breathable and manage heat very well around the ears aiding comfortable wearing for an extended period. You can adjust the headband to get the most comfortable and secure fit that exerts the right amount of pressure. Besides the simple design, the headset is easy to use as it does not require any companion app to get going. The features are not too many, and there is nothing additional that you might need.


The headset has easy on-ear controls that help adjust the volume, switch on and off the power, and mute the microphone. You will find the controls placed side by side at the bottom edge of the left headset, but the different profiles make these easily distinguishable. Moreover, the responses are pretty prompt.


The Razer Barracuda x wireless headset has dual connectivity. You can connect the 3.5 mm socket to a wired connection or use the USB-C dongle to connect the headset wirelessly to any device or console. Since there is also a USB-A port, you can use the headset with some old devices that do not have a USB-C port. The USB-C port makes the headset versatile for multiple platforms.


According to the manufacturer’s claim, a single battery charge should last for 20 hours, but during actual testing at 75 decibels, it lasted for about 25 hours. The headset takes a couple of hours to charge through the USB-C port, and the charging is complete when the green LED indicator stops blinking. The LED light at the bottom of the headset indicates the battery level.

Sound quality

The audio quality of the 40 mm Triforce dynamic drivers is accurate and delivers clear sounds across a spectrum of frequencies. The mid-range sound maintains mince balance, but there is a drop in output between the sub-bass and high ranges. Such sound characteristics might slightly impact listening to music, but it does not matter when playing games as the sound output is consistent. The audio punch for games might appear a bit subdued for those who prefer louder sounds. The background noise isolation level is average, but somebody is talking loudly in the next room. Think twice before you use the headset in a café setting. But considering that the Razer Barracuda x price is just a shade below $100, there should not be any hesitation to accept the limitation.

The Razer Barracuda x review does not consider the headset perfect, but its solid performance makes it a good buy for gamers. It also comes with other specifications and features.

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