Jaybird Vista 2 Is A Perfect Sports Headphone That Assures Excellent Performance

Small can be truly big, like the jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds that pack an unbelievable punch for a device so small. Although these earbuds are ideal for sportspeople, it’s genuinely an all-rounder that can be the perfect accompaniment for you when camping or going on treks. When engaging in any sporting activity, like going through workout sessions, jogging, road cycling, or trail running, these headphones are perfect for sitting in your ears comfortably. You will hardly feel that you are wearing the tiny devices unless it starts delivering superclass sound. The Vista 2 easily ranks among the best running headphones that you can buy today. It belongs to the Jaybird Vista range of headphones launched in 2020 and is a must-have fitness accessory.

Jaybird Vista 2 Design

Any jaybird vista 2 review starts with the design because looks matter a lot, and it is the first step in creating an impression about the object that makes people curious to know more about it. The tiny oval-shaped earbuds are well-thought-out. The earbuds are barely the size of a finger that can snuggle into the ear cavity, so they don’t let you feel they are in place. The discreet wings of the earbuds help them stay in place even during vigorous head movements.

The case has a compact rectangular shape with curved corners and can smoothly slide into the smallest pockets of bags, vests, or running belts. You can place the earbuds in the case effortlessly without any twist and lock action just as smoothly you slide it into your ears. The headphones come with three different ear tips to accommodate various ear structures.


One of the most noticeable improvements of the new headphones is the improved audio quality accompanied by the active noise cancellation features which pushed up the jaybird vista 2 price to $199.99. But the features are worth paying for because the headphones deliver what one expects. The ANC is perfect for those who like to immerse in their music by cutting off from the rest of the world during workouts or sweating it out in some other ways.   Along with ANC, the earbuds have the SurroundSense mode, typical of the Jaybird brand audios, which gives users the discretion to allow the entry of the environmental sounds, if need be. It is beneficial when cycling through a congested area.


To toggle between the ANC and SurroundSense modes, you have to double-tap any earbuds, which are the only touch-sensitive areas of the device. The fabric of the earbuds acts like a button that you can press once or twice or even hold it down to pause for track changes and adjust the volume. The pressing of the button allows easier controls as it does not require the precise touches to activate the functions. You can assign different button presses to perform various tasks on each earbud when aligning with the Jaybird app. The app helps to start the EQ with presets as you desire. If you misplace the earbuds, you can retrieve them by using the feature of ‘finds your buds’ in the app.


The earbuds have a reasonable battery life of 8 hours on a single charge which reduces to 6 hours when the ANC or SurroundSense is on. Add the two total charges held within the case, which adds up to a total of 24 hours for the device, which complies with the industry standard. You can recharge the issue in 2 hours, but it takes longer to charge wirelessly with a Qi-compatible charger.


The Sonic sound character typical of the Jaybird Vista range of earbuds is quite dominant. The sound quality is refined, precise, and energetic to lift the spirit as you switch on the device. With the earbuds on, it’s a great motivation to complete your workout with gusto. The low ends sounds are full and lush but do not seem overbearing with a flat EQ setting. The mid-range sounds are decent, and the treble is pleasant to the ears.

The jaybird vista 2 is a solid and dependable sport earless earbuds with IP 68 rating that makes it sweatproof. You can really decide to use these headphones.

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