Bone-conduction headphones: Gimmick or godsend?

Bone Conduction Headphones Have Unique Uses, But Music Lovers Are Not Impressed.

The purpose of using headphones determines the type of headphones appropriate for you. Gamers use headphones for playing high voltage games and want to enjoy the battlefield’s thunderous sounds that give them a feeling of being there. At the same time, they need complete clarity of low sounds so that they can hear the faintest footsteps of enemies who try to get closer. On the other hand, music lovers prefer more clarity of sound of different frequencies so that the vocals and instruments sound like a live performance. Depending on what you need, a wide range of headphones and earbuds, wired or wireless, are available. However, the latest offering of bone conduction headphones has been a subject of debate as it operates on an entirely different concept about hearing sounds.

How do bone conduction headphones work?

Headphones are headphones, but on going through any bone conduction headphones review, you will realize the operational difference of these headphones from those we are familiar with. The earphones of the traditional headphones or earbuds rest on the ear cavity and transmit the sound from the outer ear to the inner ear, causing the eardrum to vibrate. But the bone conduction headset does not sit on the ears. Instead, the earphones sit directly on the cheekbones of users. The sound emitted by the earphones does not travel along the usual path of the ear channel. As a result, the eardrums do not vibrate to push the sound into the Cochlea, which is critical in hearing. Instead, the sound emitted from the earphones cause vibrations in the bone that conduct the sound and ensure that it reaches the Cochlea.

As the headsets bypass the eardrum, it mostly suits people with hearing deficiencies.

The difference in audio quality

There is a marked difference in the audio quality delivered by traditional headphones and the bone conduction headsets, as you cannot expect crisp and clear sound with distinguishable notes from the latter. Since the conventional headphones and earbuds seal the air cavity tightly, they isolate the external sounds entirely and improve the audio output quality of the device. The effects of auditory masking are negligible when using traditional headphones, which results in more sound clarity. Moreover, as the bone conduction headset bypasses the eardrum, the transmission accuracy of sound is low. You will surely miss the superior audio quality and instead settle for the mediocre sound of the media playback.

Insecure and uncomfortable fit

If you notice the bone conduction headphones Amazon closely, you will understand that the significant part of the earphone sits on the cheekbones, and a small portion protrudes on the ear to maintain a balance. The fit is far from stable as the earphones move away from their position even with the slight vibration when walking, forgetting about vigorous physical activities like running or jogging. Although the concept of the new headsets seems novel, the real-world deficiencies fail to make a case in its favor.

A viable option for the hearing impaired

People who suffer from hearing loss or already using hearing aids are the best candidates for the bone conduction headsets. The external positioning of the earphones on the cheekbones helps avoid any interference with the hearing aids. Moreover, those with hearing impairment of one ear can enjoy the stereo sound by using bone conduction headsets as they cannot use the traditional earphones or headsets. The headsets come in handy for those hearing are a big challenge, and they are more interested to hear the sound rather than complaining about the audio quality. For them, something is better than nothing.

As music lovers pay most attention to the sound quality, they would find the bone conduction headsets unsuitable for their use. Moreover, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who engage in rigorous physical activities would be highly uncomfortable with these headsets. The only thing that works in favor of the headsets is that it ensures safety when used outdoors. For example, joggers using the headset can hear the surrounding sounds and stay alert while moving through the spaces.

Bone conduction headphones are special-purpose phones that cannot substitute traditional headphones.

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