Get Ready to Unlock the ‘Offers’ Tab in the Google Play App

Increased online exposure and the need to do everything digitally are pacing at a tremendous height. The urge to switch online is no more a luxury but a necessity of the moment. Especially at the pandemic and lockdown, where restrictions are almost everywhere, online engagement is higher than ever before. The number one multinational company, Google, came up with a new marketing hack to win a new audience and encourage online experience. The latest announcement from Google intends to help the online audience find more deals and applications from the Google Play store.

What’s the announcement?

On the 27th of January, Thursday, Google announced an “Offer” tab to the Google Play app with the idea to help customers find offers in games and applications. The company says the “Offer Tab” will cover deals and offers for every endeavor and age group, from deals on traveling, shopping, and entertainment to deals on games, media, and fitness.

What’s unique about the Offer tab?

When asked by one of the product managers about the new marketing move, software developer David Winer said that Google had been a one-stop-shop since 2012 for favorite apps, digital content, and games is now offering a new tab in its Play Store app.

The offer tab will surface sales on Google Play games, fashions, limited-time deals on magic orbs and tokens, entertainment, and more. Lastly, the tab will encourage users to try new applications with 30 days free trial.

What does the offer include?

Google reveals a list of applications and games available in the Google Play store app. Most of the offers will be on games and in-game items, including discounts on movies and books with more than 60-70% off. Rewards bundle offers will include free delivery, gifts, vouchers, coupons, free rides, and other thrilling rewards.

Who is eligible for the offer?

Regardless of being a first-time user or an existing user, you can leverage the offerings from Google. The offer covers many applications, including discounts on Google games. Until now, users from the United States, India, and Indonesia can use the offer. Unfortunately, it is restricted to certain countries. Perhaps the team will add more countries by the mid or end of 2022.

Wrapping Up

Adding the “Offer Tab” to the Google Play store is an excellent move from Google. The primary motive is to gain more people through the Google Play offers; however, the bigger picture behind the new release is more interesting. The new option added from the Google team focused on matching the right audience with the right deal.

With AL and AI featured technology in the Google Play app, the company focuses on understanding users better by introducing the “offers for apps you might like” section and relevant deals. Also, this will add a great advantage to the Google team to release new products and applications catered to customers’ demands.

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