Best Speakers for Vinyl That Assure a Powerful and Pristine Listening Experience

The search for the right turntable speaker can be a daunting task for beginners who wonder where to start and what to look for. Choosing the best speakers for vinyl can sometimes be overwhelming due to the numerous models and brands, each claiming superiority over another. Moreover, there are different methods of connecting the speakers to the turntable unit, which means that you need to know about it first before choosing the speakers. Among various options for connecting the speakers to the turntable, the copper speaker wire is the most traditional way of pairing the devices. The color-coated RCA wires are the other option to ensure a smooth setup, and Bluetooth connectivity is available with the newer models. Audiophiles are most comfortable with the wired options, while the wireless connectivity attracts casual listeners.

Best speakers for vinyl record players

While big is not always beautiful, small and mid-sized speaker can perform superbly due to the strong drivers that help produce a loud and clear sound. While the speakers must deliver gorgeous sound that fills the space with mind-blowing music, its looks add warmth and grace to the interior setting. The speakers must complement the interior décor perfectly as it usually draws the attention whether in use or not.

The bookshelf speakers are the ones you can use as turntable speakers, and here are some options that meet the standards of the best speakers. The speakers listed here transmit the sound from the player’s stylus and convert it into a signal that produces high-quality sound delivered through the speakers. The placement of the speakers is crucial as it impacts the sound quality. Place the speaker in a place that minimizes vibrations to maintain the purity of sound.

Sony SSCS5 – 3 driver three-way bookshelf speaker system

Sony SSCS5

You can choose the speakers without much though because these are among the best speakers for turntable on all counts. The wide frequency range of the speakers helps to capture the entire sound spectrum, and the speakers produce a thick bass. The mids and highs comprising spoken dialogues and vocals are pristine and pleasing to the ears while highlighting every minute detail that enhances the listening experience. The speakers have sound-absorbing felt lining inside that helps achieve sound distinctiveness according to the frequencies.

The SSCS5’s super tweeters create a large soundstage in rooms of all sizes. It gives a feeling like listening to live music while sitting in the front row. Each speaker has two cross-over points and three drivers, allowing for clarity that distinguishes the sounds of the instruments. The standard connection through a copper speaker cable helps in quick setup.

Cambridge Audio SX-60

Cambridge Audio SX-60

The Cambridge Audio SX 60 works best in medium to large spaces as it fills the entire room with the rich sound that one expects from bookshelf speakers. The 100-watt speakers have 6.5 inches woofers that help to produce the perfect sound that helps discover new detail and depth in songs that you might have heard a hundred times. The experience is so enticing that you would like to replay all vinyl records in your collection to discover the newness created by the speakers’ sound. The sounds at the low end have crystal clear clarity but with a punch, but the speakers’ bass response is unreal. However, the mids and highs are distinct and remain prominent in the mix. However, the box-shaped turntable speakers lack aesthetics and are more performance-oriented.

KEF LS 50 Meta

KEF LS 50 Meta

The KEF LS 50 Meta speakers are a superb solid build, aesthetics, and excellent sound quality. The speakers adhere to the features of the original LS50 launched in 2012 but with a newly worked array of Uni-Q drivers with the addition of MAT or Metamaterial Absorption Technology to facilitate sound absorption and prevent distortion. The sound clarity and finesse of the Meta is a noticeable improvement as the small-bodied speakers assure a robust performance that helps it find a place in the list of the best speakers for vinyl.

All the mentioned speakers are of great quality and standard that you are really required to know about. Once you explored enough, then you can choose the best option.

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