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A PDF editor can be downloaded both for free and for a fee. How do you decide which to choose? A PDF file is not a permanent document despite its appearance. Almost any Portable Document File (PDF) can be edited, altered, annotated, modified, added to, and removed from using the best PDF editors. Documents in PDF format were developed in the early days of desktop publishing, in the early 1990s, as a way of storing high-quality designs and layouts, like those found in magazines and newspapers.


PDF files are not unchangeable, even though they appear to you as finished documents. A PDF editor that recognizes text in scanned documents will let you edit it and add annotations and markup files so that the original file can be updated by others.

Does your PDF editor need to be able to handle all that? Our team has tested a lot of PDF editors and compiled a list of the best ones for modifying text, altering images, and annotating documents. These are our favorites.

Here Are The Best Pdf Editors On The Market Today

  • PDF Pen Pro 11


  • Outstanding OCR
  • Toolset with extensive editing and annotation capabilities

PDFpenPro has been available for many years as a macOS-only PDF editor. You can also buy a cheaper version that has fewer editing options.

OCR engine in PDFpenPro is a bonus for Mac users. A PDF document can be edited in its entirety, including text changes and image replacements. As well as creating PDFs from scratch, editing forms, and creating tables of contents, you can make PDFs from scratch.

The OCR tools in the application are excellent. In PDFpenPro, PDF files are automatically detected as scanned images or documents that contain selectable text when opened. If the application recognizes the text on the page, you’re prompted whether you want it to do so.

Fpen Pro recognized text from documents with over 400 pages in just a few minutes, making the text searchable and editable. Although editing recognized text is not as easy as editing text in a non-scanned document, it does provide some advantages.

  • Acrobat Pro DC


  • Annotate and edit PDF documents fully.
  • Outstanding OCR

Since Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the company that created the portable document format, you would expect it to be good. A full-featured PDF editor like this one meets that expectation to some extent.

PDFs can be edited in Acrobat Pro DC, and scanned documents can be edited as well. Using Acrobat DC’s OCR engine, scanned documents can be converted to text, searching, and editing.

When you open a document, Acrobat does not offer to convert the entire document. As you select pages to edit, the app recognizes and restores them when you begin using the Pro DC editing tools. OCR documents can be edited easily, and the results look great.

Also, you can edit text and images in non-scanned documents. Everything was easy to edit. One of the things we don’t like about Acrobat Pro DC is its interface. The app is sort of a half-realized demonstration of what it could be. You can edit your document with many tools but few customization options and a disorganized interface. Although Adobe Acrobat Pro DC works on both Macs and PCs, it doesn’t appear to belong in either. Because of this fact, this program does not perform poorly; it just makes you feel like you are working outside your chosen operating system.

  • Pdf Candy

PDF candy

  • Recognition capabilities of OCR
  • Include the ability to convert and create files
  • with excellent PDF layouts

Today, PDF Candy is the best free PDF editor because of its OCR feature for scanning text, which many other free tools do not offer. You can upload PDF files and extract text, creating text files, RTF files, or Word files in both .doc and .docx formats. This web-based PDF editor does not allow editing OCR’d text, but you can upload PDFs and extract text.

A selection of 44 tools is available for converting and creating PDF files. A PDF file can be rearranged, watermarked, protected with a passcode, edited metadata within the file, split or added pages, and extracted images. There are a few limitations to the text editing you can do, but you are getting a relatively feature-rich free PDF editor.

PDF Candy lets you edit a document online and download it for later use or create a new one. When you’ve finished editing your documents, PDF Candy keeps them in a queue so you can download them all at once.

  • Preview 


  • A great annotation tool
  • Capture signatures easily
  • Often, other apps come with markup features

With Apple’s Preview app, you can mark up any PDF file right within the macOS system. The app offers a minimalist yet valuable set of tools for modifying PDFs, and the app does not allow you to edit PDF files. The tools already available on your Mac are likely to do the job if you only need to highlight text, make notes, or add comments to a document.

If you open a PDF document for the first time, Preview’s markup tools are hidden. Those changes can be viewed by looking for a small pencil icon at the top of the PDF document’s toolbar near Spotlight’s search field. This will reveal a small set of tools for selecting and adding text, objects, and notes to your document.

This app’s signature tool is its standout feature. Click the Signature tool in Preview to add the signature to a document quickly. Preview’s signature feature will help you when a digital copy requires your signature with its simple and easy-to-use feature. If you’re running macOS 10, you can access Preview’s editing features without opening the app. QuickLook can view a PDF, then select the Markup button.


PDF candy is the best option for an editor. Files are very secure and protected against online threats, as it is straightforward and user-friendly.

pdf editor

Using it for business is great because you can do more without being in the office, thanks to its key features. Forms can be filled out directly from pdf files, and images can be edited. With its features, you can add shapes, highlight, annotate, add links, customize headers and footnotes, and more.

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