Elgato Wave:3 – A Solid USB Microphone That Podcasters And Streamers Love

The Elgato Wave: 3 is an excellent yet underrated microphone for streaming. The microphone is a favorite because of its robust features, compatible software suite, and affordability. For years, the microphone has been around with affordable capture cards and made it an essential brand in live streaming.

The Elgato wave 3 is a niche product, and its focus on the streaming segment makes it low on versatility catering to a small segment in the microphone space. Though it is affordable at $159.99, it is not the cheapest option in the niche segment.

The Elgato wave 3 reviews will be on parameters like durability, style, performance, and pros and cons. By the end of the review, you will have an idea whether to go for this microphone or not.

Elgato wave:3 – Design

The Elgato Wave:3 comes in a unique design that is compact and aesthetic. The device construction is elegant, and the steel grill is durable, offering smooth sound distribution. One can also rely on this design for capsule protection.

This USB microphone offers convenient plug-and-play functions. The connectivity port uses the USB- type C. There is also an option for an output jack that can connect a high-powered headphone for monitoring zero latency and allowing the user to hear precisely what the audience hears during the live streaming performance. The on-mic functions enable one to adjust the sound in live settings.

Elgato Wave: 3 – Microphone Functions

The mute button silently disengages the sound, which is a welcome change from other microphones that give a loud pop sound when one hits the mute button. This is an inconvenient sound, especially when live streaming, and may not appeal to the audience.

The Elgato mic comes with a multifunction dial that allows the user to control input gain for the microphone and output gain for the headphone port. This is minor but convenient. A user can also control the crossfade between PC mix and mic with the same dial.

The Elgato wave 3 uses a pop filter to minimize plosive noise with a capsule inside built with a multiplayer noise shield for additional support. The internal component consists of a high-quality condenser that records vocal sound with precision.

What is its main USP?

The apparent function is audio streaming, and it is designed for content creators to voice over, whether recorded videos or live streaming. The microphone uses a Cardioid Polar pattern that records audio in front of the capsule and shuts out ambient noise from the sides.

Thanks to its internal circuitry, the microphone offers high-quality recording. The digital conversion rate of 24 bit/96kHz denotes a high-end standard for audio sampling for a microphone.

Elgato Wave:3 – Software

Wave 3 mics is its wave link software is intuitive and gives the user complete control over their streaming content. It has nine channels that can be used for various purposes. One channel is used for Wave 3 microphone; the other eight channels support games audio, music, sound effects, etc. Users can also mix audio in real-time.

The unique feature is separating an audience’s output from one’s own. For example, if one wants their audience to hear loud music but simultaneously listen to one’s voice instead, the user can lower the music volume just for self. This is an excellent control mechanism offered by Elgato wave 3 mics.

The flip sides

The Elgato Wave: 3 lacks versatility, and it may not be an issue for many users looking for a mic for streaming on or for o competitors like Blue Yeti that offer more than just streaming options. The price range could also be a damper, and if one can go slightly higher on budget, then Shure SM7B is there.

Elgato Wave3 – Pros

  • Compact design and durable
  • Wave link software
  • USB- Plug and Play
  • Excellent control mechanism

Elgato Wave3 – Cons

  • It is meant for a niche market.
  • Not versatile – suitable for gaming and streaming only

Final Thoughts

Elgato wave 3 is for streamers looking to quickly link up their streaming set up where they can enjoy this sleek microphone. For podcasters, they can be hassle-free and can connect via USB.

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