Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset Review – The Best Budget-Friendly Xbox Headset

Although Microsoft Xbox wireless headset is a multi-purpose headset that can work across multiple platforms with wireless connectivity, it is essentially a gaming headset. The headset is a true workhorse due to the smart design and superior sound that any gamer wants. The black molded plastic structure of the headset looks elegant. Unlike other wireless headsets that use Xbox wireless that have problems when used on a device like a PC, the Microsoft product is a notch above the others in cross-platform compatibility. The wireless gaming headset is primarily for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, but the build is slightly heavy despite the all-plastic construction.   However, it does not affect the comfort of wearing the headset during long gaming sessions. Keep reading this Microsoft Xbox wireless headset review to know more about the device.

Microsoft Xbox wireless headset review

Overview – The headset looks closely resemble some of the design elements of Xbox, and it gives an instant feeling that the headset and the Xbox console go hand in hand. The 100 dollar headset (price is $99.99) has a thick pair of leatherette-covered earpads soft enough to sit comfortably on the ears and ensure proper sealing. The headband’s tension is perhaps a bit more than required and might give a feeling of extra tightness after an hour or two. However, after using it for a few days, things get back to normal, and it should not be an issue anymore.

Starting up with the Microsoft headset is a breeze because if you have the Xbox or the Wireless Dongle turned on, the pairing of the headset happens automatically. It is also easy to get a grasp of the onboard controls.

Controls– The circular panels on the outside of the earbuds serve as the control panels. By turning the knobs, you can control chat/game balance and the headphone volume. Buttons provided on the bottom edge of the left headphone help pair and muting the microphone. The buttons are well-spaced, so there is no chance of pressing the wrong one, even accidentally. Despite the limited adjustability of the microphone, functionally, it is excellent and picks up sounds neatly.

App support – If you play games on a PC, the Xbox headset supports an app. The Xbox accessories app primarily helps set up the Xbox controller to make it suitable for use with a PC. However, the app does not provide extra features for the headset. The app allows you to switch between EQ presets, check the battery level, and adjust mic monitoring volume. The user experience when gaming with the headset on PC is far better than other Xbox compatible headsets. However, the game/chat feature does not work satisfactorily.

Connectivity– The Microsoft Xbox wireless headset can connect with the Xbox console via Xbox wireless connection and does not need a dongle. The device’s pairing is automatic when the console is on and ready to use the headset. Gamers who prefer to play games on PC must buy an Xbox wireless adapter to use the headset with a PC. However, Microsoft provides other options for those who want to avoid paying the extra cost. As the headset supports wired audio via its USB-C port, plugging the headset into your PC could charge the batteries while you play games. The headset also supports Bluetooth 4.2 firmware but only the SBC codec, which affects the audio quality on any platform.

Battery – The battery of the Microsoft headset can last at least 15 hours on a single charge, but testing showed that it lasted much longer. When tested at 75 decibels, the battery lasted for 19 hours. Since the headset support wired audio, you can continue playing even after the battery exhausts. Connecting the headset to the PC will help charge it too.

Sound quality – The audio quality is average but delivers accurate sounds while the boosted mid-range audio and bass ensure clarity of voice, but the high-range bass-heavy sounds are hard to hear.

Microphone – The Xbox wireless headset mic quality is decently accurate and suppresses bass sounds but not as much as other headsets.

Any Microsoft Xbox wireless headset review will confirm that it is perfect only for Xbox but not as good for other platforms. Hence you can really proceed to use it.

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