Koss Porta Pro Headphones – Review of a Class Reinvention

If you are looking for budget-friendly headphones, the Koss Porta Pro headphones is a good option. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have a decent sound that caters to most tracks, making them one of the best ear headphones available in this price range.

Koss Porta Pro specs – Review

The Koss Porta with case comes for $53 for the wired one and $ 80 for the wireless one.


  • Portable and extremely lightweight
  • Brilliant timing with decent punch
  • Details not great, though decent
  • Collapsible design
  • Good protective case
  • Decent battery charge


  • Sound leakage
  • Background noise
  • Blinking Bluetooth light an eyesore
  • Fiddley remote control

Koss Porta Pro – build

The Koss Porta Pro was introduced in the 1980s and had the looks of that period which is still reliable, but still, the longevity is proof of its trendiest looks. The design keeps it lightweight, ideal when commuting or doing exercise. You can switch between a firm or light fit and collapse them to keep it safely in the bag. The only issue with the Porta Predesign is that you have to dial down the euro to avoid the tunes from being heard by others in public space.

Koss Porta Pro – Sound

The Porta Pro wireless edition has sound leakage issues, and the foam pads do not take care of the excellent isolation. So, the listening isn’t great when commuting on public transport.

The built-in microphone is fine though nothing great; it gets the work done. The battery lasts more than 12 hours, and even after listening for 3 to 4 hours, around 80% of the charge remains. The headphones charge via the MicroUSB instead of USB-C.

The Porta Pro sound strikes a fine balance between engaging the listener without fatiguing them. They do a remarkable job of conveying low-end rumble while the high-end is nicely restrained with the mid-range given room to breathe. The headphone can get loud too.

Koss Porta Pro – Design

The poor design choice extends to remote control functionality as well. It has three standard buttons, one is to toggle playback, and the other two are for volume control. It is not easy to distinguish them by touch and often leads to unnecessary fiddling. It isn’t charming for a legacy brand icon to hamper the design. Despite its ability to collapse into a compact size and bundle into a small hard case, saying everything is good would be too simplistic. The new changes over the years would not be delivered any failure on Koss’s part. The company has not integrated the old with the new coherently and smoothly.

Performance-wise the Port Pro wireless is close to their wired sibling. The wireless model supports Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX, the bare minimum one can expect from a modem wireless headphone.

When connected to the Google Pixel book or iMac on the desktop, there is a buzzing sound in the background. Though it does not disturb the listener from enjoying the music, it is another sign of imperfection.

The sound quality of Porta Pro wireless is a little less refined than the wired one though the difference is negligible.

Koss Porta Pro price

The Koss Porta pro, both wireless and wired, are among the best sounding headphones one can get under $ 100 or even under $ 200. The sonic bang with both pairs of the Koss Porta is impressive, and those Bluetooth ones available in the market for less than $ 20 should not be even be unpacked. The fact is that there are no credible wireless headphones cheaper than the $99 Beyerdynamic Byron BT, and the Koss Porta Pro fills the void with its $79.99 price tag.

Final Takeaway

If you want a low-cost pair of headphones with no frills attached, then the Koss Porta Pros is a product that can carry through on the nub of its performance. However, these headphones are not meant for someone extremely particular about sound quality.

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