Jabra Elite 45h Review – The Big-Sized But Lightweight Headphones Sound Terrific.

After a series of successful launches of wireless earbuds and Bluetooth earphones, Jabra has found its place among the leading manufacturer of audio devices and now turned its attention to wireless on-ear headphones.  The Jabra elite 45h on-ear headphones are one of the best in the class, and you can consider it an improved version of the company’s earlier Move Style on-ears wireless headphones. The big yet lightweight headphones are pretty portable and tick the right boxes during the evaluation of the product.  The company succeeded in offering the best-in-class on-ears headphones that deliver better sound and comfort not usually available in the price range under $100.   The headphones that assure dust and water protection comes with a 2-year warranty and a travel pouch to prevent damage.  To know more about the product, keep reading this Jabra elite 45h review.

Jabra elite 45h review

Overview- The headphones cater to all kinds of consumers, from commuters to those working from homes and the general type of casual who use headphones for enjoying audio anytime, anywhere.  The sound packs a punch because the two microphone technology ensures excellent call quality.  The battery life of 50 hours is exceptional, and the charging time is fast.  Charging the battery for 15 minutes provides 10 hours of battery life, which is fantastic.  Remote workers, in particular, can gain a lot of mileage from it.  The all-plastic construction of the headphones might not seem appealing to everyone, but it lightens the weight and cost.

The memory foam earpads have a leatherette wrapping and marked L and R for proper identification and placement of the earpads. The headband cushion of the Jabra elite 45h is a soft rubberized material that offers moderate comfort. To make the earphones sit flush on your ears, you might have to fidget a bit, but the breathable earpads are pretty comfortable once in place.

Now let us look at some other Jabra elite 45h specs.

Controls – The controls are on the right headphone, and you can operate them by using the buttons placed closely near the headband.  You can control volume, playback, and call interactions.  A button placed on the front of the other side of the earcup helps access your Smart Assistant Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. The microphone mutes if you press this button during a call. The USB-C input is at the base of the earcup. To switch the headphone on or off or pair, you must press the point beside the port and toggle it. However, the control buttons are hardly distinguishable from the volume buttons placed close to the multifunction switch.

Connectivity – The Jabra elite 45h wireless on-ear headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware for a stable and reliable connection up to a 10-meter wireless range.  However, connection problems crop up when using the Bluetooth multipoint.  When the headphones are in use, it pauses to alert you about incoming calls but not for any email or incoming text.    As the headset does not have a 3.5 mm input, you cannot enjoy high-resolution playback.  When used with an Android device, you will experience a slight audio-visual lag of about half a second which you should adjust with.

Sound quality – The significant 40 mm drivers in each earcup produce a loud sound, but the clarity is optimal. The vocals are sometimes more audible than the bass notes. The neutral leaning frequency response of the headphones is ideal for listeners of vocal-heavy music. With the Jabra Sound++ app, you can create customized EQs to improve bass and sub-bass production.  The headset nicely adapts to various genres, but the clarity is not up to the mark.

Noise blocking – Like other on-ear headphones, the noise blocking ability is not very good.  As the headphones do not always flush appropriately against the ears, outside sounds will interfere with your listening.

Phone calls – The microphone quality is slightly better than average, but it can effectively neutralize the noise of the surroundings to maintain clarity of speech and voice.

This Jabra elite 45h review concludes that the headphones provide reasonable returns for the casual listeners for whom listening pleasure overrules perfection.

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