Google Pixel 6 Ensures The Best Android Experience Among Phones In The Mid-Tier Range

Since Google made a splash in the smartphone arena in 2016 with its Pixel phones, the Google Pixel 6 is the best of the lot and the most significant phone upgrade. The combination of Android 12 and Google services has given users enough features and functions to exceed their expectations. The unique and bold two-tone design, the superb camera, and the support of Android 12 helped to create a remarkable phone driven by Google’s Tensor chip. Google launched the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on the same day, 19th October 2021, after keeping fans waiting for many months by announcing the Google Pixel 6 release date much earlier. The phone is an example of Google’s ambition to offer users a high-performing phone at a reasonable price that can wipe out the bad memories of Pixel 5. Google has more than succeeded in its mission.

Google Pixel 6 stays within the space created for Pixel phones.

Despite targeting a wider section of buyers by offering Pixel phones in the mid-tier price band of $600 and $800, the earlier models of Pixel did not do good business. Although people admitted that those were good phones, they did not match the appeal, specs, and luster of more premium brands like Huawei and Samsung. The Google Pixel 6 price is under $600; precisely, $599 shows that it sticks to the price tradition. The Pixel 6 wildly succeeds in shedding the tag of a lack-luster phone that works well.

The Improvements

Now, let us look at the changes and improvements. The most significant difference is that Google has done away with the earlier processors like Qualcomm and Snapdragon, powering the Pixel6. As a result, the phone has become speedier as its AI and computations are more secure and fast. Tensor allows Google to use various new software that does not work with other processors.

The other improvement is in the security and OS update, which are now five years instead of 3 years. Even the cameras that are Google’s hallmark of quality cameras have gone through upgrades with better lenses and premium hardware. All the changes seem to work in the way Google wanted as it helps in positioning the Pixel 6 as a contender to become a champion.

The Specifications

A quick look at the new Google Pixel specs reveals a 6.4-inch FHD +OLED screen (2400×1080) with a 90Hz refresh rate and 20:9 aspect ratio. It has a128 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, USB-C Ports, and an available port. The phone has four batteries, 614mAh each, and lasts for more than 24 hours in a single charge, and it can last up to 48 hours with extreme battery saver mode.   It weighs 7.3 oz or 206 grams.

The Design

One of the most exciting features of Pixel 6 is that you can set the screen to switch automatically from 60Hz to 90 Hz based on the type of content displayed. The flat screen with a good resolution has thick Sharpie-like bezels that nicely blend into the sides made of matte-finish aluminum. A Gorilla Glass Victus cover in the front protects the screen, under which is a fingerprint reader. However, the fingerprint reader’s erratic function might disappoint many users who can get around it by double registering the thumbprints. After that, it should work fine.

The back of the phone made of Gorilla Glass 6 looks beautiful in its two-tone color, which contrasts nicely with the deep black camera bar. The bold and black camera bar runs horizontally across the width of the phone’s backside. The finish and fit of the phone are nice.

The Camera

The cameras of Pixel 6 are superb, and Google has delivered. The cameras equipped with high spec lenses and sensors can capture amazing photos. Besides one main camera at the rear with a wide-angle lens, the Pixel 6 has another camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens with 0.7x magnification. The Tensor chip provides more tools and modes to the cameras.

The Android 12 is solid on Google Pixel 6, and the Tensor chip lends a unique identity to the phone.

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