Apple event Spring 2022: iPhone SE 3, iPad Pro, and more

All Focus Will Be On Iphone SE 3, Imac Pro, and iPad Pro during the Spring Apple Event 2022

The world is eagerly awaiting the Apple Event, slated for sometime in March/ April 2022, which generally people refer to as a Spring Event of the tech giant that generates enormous interest and excitement. It’s a big event, no doubt, as people anticipate some important announcements about some rumored devices. New product debuts are on the cards for sure, but the products are what people are eager to know. According to the rumor mills working overtime as the event approaches, there are high possibilities of the company unveiling the first-ever Mac Pro and an updated iPhone SE.

Apple Event – a big hardware event

The most exciting aspect about the event is that whatever we are discussing now does not have any official confirmation, including the time of the event. When the event takes place is anybody’s guess. But as it happens with any Apple-related news, we have to draw our conclusions based on the leads gathered from various sources. In the absence of any Apple announcement, the apprehensions keep growing, but the event will occur around March or April seems quite real based on previous experience. One thing that is for sure is that it will be a virtual event like it happened in 2021. Going by the names of the likely products that are doing the rounds, the list includes the third generation iPhone SE and the next-generation iPad Pro and iPad Air 5.

A chronology of Apple events

The reason for the enormous hype around the Spring Event is that it is the year’s first event, and apple will make several announcements that could point to what is in store for the rest of the year and in days to come. Going by precedence, we know that Apple holds three to four events every year, and one of them is a print event. Usually, a new iPhone launch takes place in September, while October is the month of Macs. Indeed, the spring event is not a big-ticket event compared to the events held for product release, but it acquires a lot of importance from the strategy point of view. During the Sprint event of 2021, the company introduced new apple products like the iPad Pro with M1 chip, an updated 4K Apple TV, an M1 Mac, and the AirTags that we have been waiting for a long time.

The possible date

History might repeat itself, but it cannot be a justification to forecast a confirmed date for the event. Considering that April 20, 2021, was when the Spring Loaded keynote took place, it is good to assume that the new Apple event will occur sometime in April. According to one rumor, the iPhone SE3 will likely happen in May. However, there seem to be some doubts as the launch would deviate from the earlier trend of Apple product launches aligned with spring events. But although the launch might be late, you can keep the information at the back of your mind.

A look at iPhone SE 3

The launch of the third generation iPhone SE3 is the most significant announcement that everyone is anticipating at the Spring event. The last iPhone SE2 was launched in 2020, and in 2021 there was no new launch of the SE Series of phones. Various reports suggest that Apple is working on two different models of the iPhone SE. The design of one phone would be similar to iPhone 8 but with updated internals. The other has a new design and is an advanced model. However, the iPhone of 2022 will have 5G support, an LCD, and a Face ID, and probably this is what is likely to make its appearance during the event in March/April. The phone is expected to be powered by the A15 Bionic chip used in iPhone 13, making the phone faster than other phones in the category. However, it will be a budget phone within the $400 to $500. What the cameras will be like is yet a mystery.

Alongside the iPhone SE 3, the Apple Event could be the iMac Pro launchpad, which is why not much information is available.

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