The Beginner’s Guide to Download and Install Windows 11 ISO File

Gone are the days when you had to wait for the official release from the Windows team for the next release. Now, you can quickly boot and update files with the help of a Windows 11 ISO file. Regardless of whether you’re looking to install Windows 11 on an old PC, experiment with Windows 11 and not explicitly activate it first, or merely clean slate without disturbing the installed apps and settings, you can try all tricks of the trade by simply downloading and installing Windows 11 ISO File.

Where to get Windows 11 ISO file?

There are multiple options to download Windows 11 ISO files, and we’re listing three common ways you can download and install. All the methods used to download and install Windows 11 ISO files are famous for their uniqueness. Let us dive into each of the processes in detail:

Windows 11 from Microsoft

Using the official Microsoft link is one of the easiest ways to download the Windows 11 ISO file.

  1. Visit the official page Windows 11 ISO page.
  2. Under the “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” section, click Select Windows 11.
  • Click Download.
  1. Choose your preferred language and press Confirm.
  2. Click the 64-bit Download button.

This completes the ISO file download in your machine.

Using UUP Dump

The UUP dump tool is also a popular method to download and install Windows 11 ISO Files.

Use the following steps to download:

  1. Go to the website uup.dump.net
  2. Navigate to the x64 button next “Latest Dev Channel build.
  • Choose the latest build and click the Next button.
  1. Under the list of Windows options available, click your preferred choice. (Here we’re using Windows Home)
  2. Click Next.
  3. Under select, the download options, select “Download and convert to ISO.”
  • Click on Select Download Package.
  • Unzip the file.
  1. Go to the download section and double-click the uup_download_windows.cmd file.
  2. Ignore the warnings and click on the Run anyway button.
  3. Press 0 to exit.

Once you exit, you’ll see the Windows 11 ISO file in the exact location where you have kept the uup_download_windows.cmd file.

AveYo’s universal media creation tool

By default, AveYo’s Universal Media Creation Tool can disable Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Check if you intend to install Windows 11 ISO File on a virtual machine. Leverage this tool to get the ISO file in your system.

Use the following steps to download a free Windows 11 ISO file:

  1. Go to the official Media Creation Tool GitHub page.
  2. Download the MediaCreationTool.zip file.
  • Under the zip file, click the “View Raw” button.
  1. Unzip the file and extract MediaCreationTool.bat.
  2. Ignore the warnings and click on the Run anyway button.
  3. In the list of MCT Version menu options available, select 11 MCT Preset.
  • Next, click on Create ISO.
  • You’ll see a PowerShell screen; click Yes.

Once you’ve allowed PowerShell to make changes, you’ll get to see the Windows 11 ISO File in your system, regardless of whether your system has TPM or not.

Creating a bootable install disk

Make sure you use a USB stick with at least 8GB of storage space. Here is a list of steps to create a bootable install disk:

  1. Insert your USB stick.
  2. Select your USB stick, right-click each partition, and choose Delete Volume.
  • Next, right-click the USB stick’s space and choose New Simple Volume.
  1. Right-click, the ISO file select mount.
  2. Copy all the files and folders to the FAT32 partition on the USB drive.
  3. Create an empty “sources” folder on this FAT32 partition and copy the “boot.wim” file from the source.
  • Next, copy from ISO, including the files copied before.

Once done, you’ll have a bootable install disk for Windows 11.

Final Step: How to perform the clean install?

With a USB stick inserted into your PC, follow these steps to perform a clean install.

  1. Open Settings, choose Update & Security, then Recovery, and click “Restart now.”
  2. Under Choose an Option, click “Use a device.”
  • Next, select the USB stick option.
  1. Choose a language, currency, time format, and input methods as per convenience.
  2. Click “Install Now.”
  3. Enter your Windows product key. Skip if you don’t have a product key.
  • Choose the option, Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).
  • Select the partition or drive you to want to install Windows 11 on.
  1. Restart your system.

It is really essential for you to proper follow all the step by step process to effectively download and install Windows 11 ISO file. It does not take much time for you to do it.

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