How to Replace AirPods?

Apple is one of the finest digital gadgets manufacturers, and no doubt AirPods is one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market. For over the past many years, Apple has improved and advanced its products drastically, and it is the same for the AirPods. Compared to the initially introduced AirPods, the new latest-generation AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro are highly enhanced and comprised of a wide range of innovative technologies. However, one thing that Apple still did not invent is the way to track your AirPods if you ever mistakenly lost them or misplaced them. As they don’t have such a system for the AirPods, there are other ways through which you can replace one AirPods or both AirPods or even the charger case.

Replace AirPods (which are defective) for free

We know that Apple is a reputed brand, and we expect significantly fewer defects from their product. Still, once in a while, if you face any issues, then Apple has started a policy to replace AirPods for free [but not the charging case].

If you are facing any issues like static and crackling is happening which became the reason for noise cancellation and making it hard for you to use it while walking or in active environments. And it also adds other issues like losing bass sound and not being able to block environmental sound so that you can apply for the free replacement program. You can apply for a single AirPods replacement or complete replacement of AirPods [without the charging case].

Here is what you need to do. ITo applies for the free replacement program. You need to contact the Apple retail store or an authorized Apple service provider and explain your issues with AirPods. However, you need to show that you are facing problems. After that, you can get a single AirPods replacement or complete replacement of AirPods [without the charging case].

What if you have lost your AirPods or broken it –

Well, in this case, you have to replace components entirely. And in this case, you have to pay for it. First, let’s see the steps for the process of component replacement. For this, you will require your serial number, so you need to carry your original box of AirPods, proof of purchase, and charging case. The case’s serial number is significant and required for the process. Another way to get the serial number is, Settings > General > About > AirPods for serial number.

Step 1: Sign your Apple account with the proper ID and go for the Support page.

Step 2: You will get an option for ‘Lost or Missing AirPods.’ Select that.

Step 3: After selecting that option, you will get these options as per the below image. Select as per your need.

Step 4: After you provide information if you need to replace AirPods or only one, you need to select one from the following.

Step 5: You need to select your service approach, like how you would like to replace your AirPods. These are the options you will get [in the below image].

You must follow the step by step procedure in this regard. Then you will really be able to replace iPods for free to say the least.

By following these steps, you will effectively connect with an Apple customer service executive who will quickly get you through the rest of the process.

Now, the question is, how much do we need to pay when it comes to the replacement of the entire components. Here are the specifications.

  • Single AirPods (third-gen and previous) – $69 each
  • Charging case – $59
  • Wireless charging case – $79
  • MagSafe charging case – $79
  • Single AirPods Pro – $89 each
  • Wireless charging case of AirPods Pro – $89

This is how much you need to pay for replacing components entirely when it’s broken or misplaced. However, these are the amount you need to pay when you are out of warranty time for two years. If you are still within the warranty period and want a replacement, you can get all these components for only $49 for a single AirPods replacement. And $98 for both is AirPods replacement. Also, for the charging case, it’s $49. On the other hand, if you are a member of AppleCare+, you can get it all replaced at the same price, which is $29.

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