Fnatic React Headset Review

A Simple Gaming Headset with Balanced Performance

The makers of gaming headsets usually are audio companies who have an established track record in the audio devices. But the fnatic react gaming headset is an exception because it is not a product of any audio engineering company, but its maker is a renowned Esports company. Although primarily meant for gamers who can wear the headsets comfortably for long hours, the Fnatic headset is equally suitable for remote workers who prefer a headset with a decent microphone to enter into lengthy conversations. To know more about the premium quality headset, you must continue reading this Fnatic react headset review.

Fnatic react headset review

Overview – Since the headset makers have an Esports background, it is apparent that they used their expertise and experience to design the headsets with Esports in mind. The stripped-back gaming headsets aim to provide rock-solid audio output and a rock-solid microphone without trying to impress buyers with superficial features. The complete focus is on the output and not much on the aesthetics, which is why there are no bells and whistles to lure users. The makers have been clear in their goal of doing the fundaments right, and they have delivered a fantastic gaming headset.

Design and build

The headset has memory foam earpads wrapped in leatherette with a metallic frame and headband lined with meshed cushion. The headsets are comfortable to wear, and although the earpads get warm over time, it remains bearable. The memory foam cushion ensures perfect sealing over the ears, and the absence of velour covering could pose problems for gamers who wear glasses. The build of the lightweight headsets is solid as the frame does not creak, the headphones tilt smoothly on the hinges and sit nicely on your head with optimal tightness.


You can connect the Fnatic react headset 3.5 mm stereo headset with a single   TRRS plug that makes it versatile enough to work with almost any device. The headset comes with a 2-meter long headset adapter to suit the needs of PC gamers who have separate audio and microphone jacks. The small control unit in the cord includes a mic mute switch, and the volume dial is easy to access and operate.

Sound quality

By the standard of gaming headsets, the audio output React headset is highly accurate with a slightly subdued bass below the 100 Hz range and a slight dip in the ultra-high range. Luckily, there are no audio bugbears found in many other gaming headsets, thereby ensuring good balance in the audio output. During games, you will clearly hear the sounds of explosions and gunshots above all other sounds, as these would be the loudest at any given moment. However, it does not cut off the different sounds of the games that the developers want you to hear. As the audio emphasizes the high range, it maintains the clarity of sibilant sounds.

The isolation level is quite decent for the gaming headset due to the thick memory foam of the earpads that effectively cut out external sounds and noises. The usual surround sounds at homes like the noisy roommates chattering or the noise of the fridge running should not pose any problems. However, if you use the headset outdoor, it will not be a pleasant experience because, after all, it is a gaming headset meant for indoor use.


The detachable microphone of the Fnatic react headset is superb and amazingly accurate. Unlike most gaming headsets that tend to suppress the bass range to cause deeper voices to sound distorted, the React suppresses the bass only slightly that it does not cause any distortion.

Gaming experience

The React is an analog stereo headset and does not have any virtual surround sound feature. But when playing games, it handles direction audio cues like a champ. Although direction sound might appear coming from the left or right earphones, there is enough variance that helps track down behemoths. The headset delivers excellent sound in multiplayer games on PC.

To sum up the Fnatic react headset review, one must say that gamers who want a high-performing affordable headset without frills will get good value for money.

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