Blue Yeti Nano – Microphone Review

If you are looking for a USB Microphone that is not only affordable but also suitable for podcasting, streaming, or gaming, then you need not look beyond the Blue Nano range. The blue yeti nano is a more compact and cheaper version of the flagship model. Compared to its big brother, who comes at $130, the Yeti Nano mic at $ 99 is a value for money.

Blue Yeti Nano specifications:

Connection type:



3.5 mm auxiliary output, Micro – USB

Portal Patterns:

Omnidirectional, Cardioid




8.3 inches X 3.8 inches X 4.3 inches


0.06 pounds

Blue Yeti Nano:  price and availability

The Blue Yeti Nano is widely available in blue, gray, red, and black options. It is priced at $99 though it sells at $96 in Walmart and Amazon.

Blue Yeti Nano:  Design

The yeti nano may be priced cheap, but it does not look or feel so. It comes with an aesthetically matt finish; the mic and stand are built from weighty metal.

The selection of controls and ports has a functional balance and keeps things simple. This microphone is built for home use and not for professional purposes. The underside camouflages a micro-USB port that connects your laptop or PC with the Nano Mic. Plus, it has a 3.5 mm aux output. This is useful if you are recording yourself as it allows you to use a pair of headphones to hear how you sound.

There is an aux output volume dial in the front, which can also be used as a mute button. A button in the rear allows you to switch between cardioid and omnidirectional patterns.

The cardioid setting records what is in front of the mic, which is ideal for streaming and gaming as it reduces ambient noise. For group podcasts, it is better to use the omnidirectional option as it records anything around the microphone.

Blue Yeti Nano:  Software

The blue Sherpa software (macOS and Windows) adds to the controls through the Blue Yeti Nano does not need any software downloads to function. The desktop app improves the microphone, just like the Elgato wave: 3.

The software’s primary function is its Blue Voice submenu, which allows a range of filters and full EQ controls to tweak how you sound. This all looks impressive apart from the unique presents like Classic Radio Voice. The settings help get the right gain level and microphone positioning. You can customize according to the individual setting where limiting the volume range allows you to be audible when whispering and not deafen when speaking loudly.

Blue Yeti Nano: Sound quality

Another reason why you will not need to pay much attention to the pre-set filters in the Blue Sherpa app is because the yeti nano microphone sounds good without it.

Thanks to the impressive cardioid mode, even if someone is a serious mumbler, they will sound clear, crisp, and full of detail and depth to the voice. This function allows one to overcome any acoustic issues in one home, unlike the Nano’s cousin, the Blue Snowball that picks up a lot of reverberation.

Compared to the JLab talk mic, the blue Nano falls slightly short. The ambient noise is more or less the same for both, though the Talk produces a richer sound.

Blue Yeti Nano: Verdict


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Robust build
  • Affordable price – great value for money


  • The portal pattern is only two directional
  • Limited controls on the microphone.

Blue Yeti Nano: Takeaway

The Blue Yeti Nano is a genuinely good microphone, and it is built solid, much more than the Blue Snowball. Its quality is capable enough for an amateur podcast and is a significant upgrade for a gaming headset.

Though the microphone should have a gain dial on itself instead of the app, its easy-to-use feature is what sets the Blue apart and a big name in this segment. You can easily record a high-quality sound once you install the Nano mic wine without touching the Blu sherpa app.

The only problem with the Yeti Nano is the competition like JLab Talk; otherwise, this sub $100 microphone has all the Nano qualities, including better sound and user-friendly design.

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