JBL Quantum 50 Is a Wired Gaming Headphone That Delivers the Best in the Price Range

Mobile gamers would find the JBL quantum 50 in-ear gaming headphone with twist-lock technology as if made exclusively for them. Mobile users who love to stay immersed in games by using a wired headphone inserted into their ears would find the gaming headphone perfect. The headphone has won the hearts of gamers who prefer portable, small and high-performing devices. JBL’s offering is quite assuring for those who still use mobile devices that support headphones. The headphone holds the same appeal for gamers and console gamers who prefer some simple listening device that provides the best gaming experience. The $30 wired earbuds are a delight for users who get more than they could ask for.

The Feel and Looks of JBL Quantum 50

Wired earbuds feel the same when you use them, and Quantum 50 is like any other earbuds in its category. The earbuds have a 3.5 mm jack that you can insert in the headphone socket of the mobile phone or tablet. That’s all you need to do to enjoy the music games because the earbuds start playing the moment you connect them to the mobile device. The JBL earbuds‘ similarity with other earbuds ends here. The rest of the features are unique and speak about the high-status JBL enjoys as an audio device and accessories manufacturer.

This JBL quantum 50 review will help you understand the features and functions that make the earbuds unique to their users.


The Quantum 50 uses a braided cable with an in-line microphone and an in-line control unit up to the point the cord splits into the earbuds. The earbud tips are unique and have two distinct parts. In addition to the typical silicone ear tips, it has a rubberized disc that helps in better gripping. JBL users would be familiar with the soft-touch discs they might have seen in other JBL earphones. The arrangement ensures a comfortable and consistent fit with perfect sealing.


The headphones are easy to use because of their plug-and-play nature, which does not require any software or setup. The controls are straightforward – single, double, and triple tap meant for play/ pause, skipping forward, and skipping back, respectively. The button also helps control calls – answer with a single press, swap between held calls with a double press, and hang up; you need to press three times. If you want to connect with the Google Assistant or prompt Google Pixel 4a to display the time, you need to hold the button for 5 seconds.

So, that’s all about the JBL quantum 50 specifications.

Now, let us look at some parameters of performance.

Isolation Performance

Having achieved the proper seal by choosing the correct tip size, you can rest assured that no outside or background noise or sound can interfere with your listening experience. You can listen to only sounds that matter to your most while gaming or listening to music. Although the feature does not compete with ANC (active noise cancellation), the outcome is quite impressive. The low-profile design of the headsets allows you to carry it anywhere, including the café where you can immerse in gaming without letting anyone know about it.

Sound Quality

The JBL quantum 50 wired headphones produce accurate sound, emphasizing the low frequencies, but overall, the headphones deliver a pleasant sound. The sound quality enhances the gaming experience, and those used to more consumer-oriented sounds can quickly make the difference. Despite JBL naming them gaming headphones, they are equally suitable for ensuring a pleasing musical experience for music lovers. The versatility of the headphones in catering to gamers and music lovers puts it in a class of its own.

Although the JBL quantum 50 is a good headphone on many counts and ticks the right boxes for users, it does have its downside. The microphone is just average because it cannot surpass the benchmark about the sound of earbuds that have a slightly quiet and muffled audio.

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