Iircade Review

A High-Quality Home Arcade System with An Ever-Growing Library

Using a dedicated space to set up a home arcade is perhaps unsuitable for everyone, especially those with limited space. To solve this issue, iircade has come up with a novel driven with motivation to create nostalgia-focused vintage cabinets. Anytime a player wishes to buy a game from a digital marketplace, they may immediately download it on their system. Essentially, it’s an app shop built within an arcade game. If you are confused about selecting an arcade cabinet for your game room, then iiRcade could be the right choice for you. Be it the captivating construction, build quality, or the performance – everything about the iircade is irresistible.

What’s in the new release?

A year after its release, the iiRcade home arcade system is still sporting the same physical appearance as the previous versions. As a result, the Premium IIRcade, which debuted in the Dead Cells Edition, has a more arcade-like physical aspect and numerous other essential upgrades.

A JBL/Harman collaboration has been added to the 100-watt speakers, making them even more powerful. According to iiRcade, this is the first time JBL Audio has been put on a gaming device.

Construct your arcade machine or purchase an old one for thousands of dollars until the last year or two. Arcade1Up, a firm that specializes in low-cost arcade games, is leading the way in this trend. If you’re planning to modify your arcade machine in the future, bear in mind that not all arcade machines are the same; look at an iircade review and specifications before purchasing.

Sizes of home arcades

There are four standard sizes of home arcades: portable, countertop, a traditional arcade, and cocktail table. Most of the portable choices seem like they’ll break on the first play, but it is entirely based on the size of your machine. We advise you to go with the biggest size you can afford and yet have room for in your house. Larger machines just look better and allow for more people to play simultaneously.

Selecting a game

Different games have varying degrees of freedom of movement, and a few don’t even make use of joysticks at all. The number of joysticks varies widely from one arcade to the next. If you plan to expand your arcade by adding new games, the type of joystick you use will be even more important.

Unless you replace the system’s computer, the games that arrive with an arcade machine are set in stone. For instance, with joysticks, there’s no such thing as a universally perfect model; some devices are better than others and the form and feel might vary from one to the next, depending on the quality.

We’ve compiled a list of iiRcade preloaded games list:

  • Double Dragon
  • Beach Buggy Racing
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Diver Boy
  • Maniac Square
  • Gunbird

Price and availability 

Although size is usually the essential factor in determining cost, the popularity of specific games or additional features can sometimes increase the price. Some machines have upgraded joysticks or more games, while others have risers or lit marquees to make adult-friendly classic arcades.

Buyers can purchase the iircade through Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers.


The robust iiRcade comes with a 1.8GHz Hexa-Core processor, 4GB of Dual-Channel RAM, and 800MHz Max Quad-Core GPU. Also, the pair of 50W stereo speakers has unbeatable sound quality. In general, they have the appearance of an arcade machine that has had the lower portion of its body hacked off. You can acquire a great set of joysticks and displays of this size and save money. Classic game Pac-Mac can be learned in a matter of minutes by anybody.

Besides, Arcade1Up did include an infamous game-breaking bug on level 256 for ultimate authenticity in the main Pac-Man game. You may also play Pac & Pal, which is just Pac-Man with a ghost companion. You just need to unpack and plug it in, and you’re ready to start playing.

The Final Verdict

Home arcade fans are thrilled and ecstatic with the new business strategy. A high-quality home arcade experience with excellent build quality and 3D effects justifies the craze for the iiRcade gaming system. Gamers may be wary due to the system’s exorbitant price and the limited number of games available at the moment, but the groundwork has been laid for an exciting future.

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