Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Review

SoundSport Free, the earlier wireless earbud from Bose, had excellent sound but faced connectivity issues that were never resolved. They also did not have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the main USP of Bose brand. This drawback helped competitors like Sony and Apple dominate the market with their Wf-1000XM3 and Air pods Pro earbuds.

Bose has now returned with their new cordless bose headphones – the QuietComfort Earbuds. The wholly redone design of this earbud is free from the earlier flaws of the SoundSport Free. They sound terrific as before, and they also have the ANC, which is the best in the wireless earbud category.

QuietComfort Earbuds – price and design

Priced at $279, which is $ 30 higher than the   Air pods Pro and close to $300 of Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless 2 earbud, the question is whether it is worth it? Let us look at the bose QuietComfort earbuds review to understand the product.

The QuietComfort earbuds weigh 8.5 grams each and it is the same as Sony but heavier than the Apples Air Pods Pro, which weighs 5.4 grams. The dimension size of the earbuds of QuietComfort is larger than Air pods Pro and sticks out of the ear. Though they are not discreet, they are comfortable in the ear thanks to the flexible, integrated silicone wing in the Stay Hear Max ear tips that fit securely.

The earbuds are IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance and are ideal for running or intense gym workouts.

The bose earbuds do not have the vented design like the Pixel Buds or the Air Pods and have given an Occlusion effect. The tight seal of the earbud makes the sound louder than usual.

The charging case of Bose earbuds is not as compact as the AirPods Pro Pixel, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus, or Sennheiser’s Buds which makes it bulge out awkwardly when carrying in the trouser. The positive side is that the case protects the costly earbud if it falls on the floor.

QuietComfort Earbuds – battery 

Bose earbuds give an estimated six hours of continuous listening time. It also has two additional charges in the case. The case has LEDs that indicate the battery charge level. The wireless charging is supported by the case, which has a USB- C port that enables faster charging. A 15-minute charge will give 2 hours of continuous playback time.

QuietComfort Earbuds – sound quality and ANC

The noise cancellation and the audio quality of bose QuietComfort earbuds make up for the awkward case. It is ahead of its competitors as its noise cancel effect is as practical as a full-sized headphone. Bose allows ten noise-canceling levels, which is better than the simple on and off toggle button like Airpods. An air conditioner humming or the street noise is effectively canceled out.

The dropping down to zero makes Bose on par with Apple, and one can feel not wearing any earbuds. The transparency mode of Bose sounds natural and appeals to the listener who wants a better sense of surrounding when they are outdoor. When the earbud is removed, the music automatically pauses.

One has to enable the volume control on the Bose Music app before using it. The connection stability between one’s mobile phone and the QuietComfort earbuds is flawless, and it is a significant improvement over the SoundSport Free. So, if you are watching content from Netflix or YouTube on your laptop or phone, there will not be any audio video sync mismatch.

The Active EQ boosts the sound quality, allowing low and high frequencies at lower volumes so that the music remains dynamic. The cordless bose headphones pack a punch for EDM and hip-hop tracks, and the other genres also play out well due to their powerful lower volume.

The QuietComfort Buds also handles voice calls equally well. They have a “self-voice” feature that allows users to listen to their voice and adjust it to avoid speaking too loudly. The earbuds do an excellent job of picking out the user’s voice and canceling the background noise to be heard clearly on the other side. Only the right earbud can be used for voice calls.


  • Best ANC among the true wireless earbuds
  • Terrific sound Quality
  • Secure and comfortable fit


  • A carrying case is of large size
  • Cannot go back to the previous track
  • Pair one device only at a time

It is really going to be quite a pleasant experience if you decide to get this earbuds for your regular use. Your music listening experience is surely likely to be enriched to the fullest.

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