Turtle Beach Recon 200

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Reviews Focus On the Simplicity and Ease of Use of the Headsets

Gamers prefer loud sound, and many consider louder is better. For them, the maker of the Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset promises an immersive gaming experience by delivering powerful amplified audio. The company is clear about the kind of audience it wants to target and accordingly created the product for those who are thrifty to get their necessities. From the turtle beach recon 200 reviews, it is not hard to understand that the wired headset is a basic one, as the features and functions prove. The headset has minimal features that are some necessities for gamers, like a built-in microphone, stereo sound, and a few control options. The headset lacks versatility as you cannot use it for other purposes like sports or fitness because it’s bulky and difficult to carry around outdoors. It might cause a warm feeling when wearing for some time.

What you can gather from Turtle Beach Recon 200 reviews?

The turtle beach headset is a stereo gaming headset with a 3.5 mm connection is an ordinary gaming stereo headset. It is compatible with all gaming consoles like Xbox One,   Plat Station4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and anything that supports a headphone jack. The build and design are simple, and you may even call it minimalist, and the all-plastic headset has a metallic strip under the band. The hinges of the headset help in rotation and flattening and even allow a bit of tilting. The leatherette headband cushion and earpads have a lining of mesh fabric to make the device breathable but only to some extent. However, the intensity of gaming might make you forget this shortcoming. Overall, heat isn’t an issue, and the headset is comfortable with proper sealing by the memory foam cushions. The firmness of the leatherette might be uncomfortable for people with glasses.

The headset is easy to use, and when you flip it up, the attached microphone gets muted automatically. On the back of the left headphone, you will find the volume dials for mic and game audio, and there’s a power switch too. You will like the simplicity of the design and use.

Battery-powered gaming headset

A glance at the turtle beach recon 200 specs reveals that despite having a wired connection, it is a battery-powered headset. But why the headset has a power switch seems somewhat baffling as it consumes minimal power. The headset promises crystal clear conversations with teammates while gaming and the high-quality game sound produced by the 40 mm speakers. The feature of ‘amplified audio’ seems superficial because, in any case, sound amplification is the basic task of any headset. Strangely, you can neither use the settings nor can turn it off. The headset is like any other headset with similar specifications and behaves in the same way as other headsets of the same kind available in the market. It’s a normal stereo headset without any frills, but the aspect of recharging it can be inconvenient for many users.

But the battery life is decent on a single charge and can last for about 16 hours when in full use with constant playback. By reducing the sound level to less than 75 decibels, you can get more life from the battery. Although you might find many batteries lasting longer, you should not complain about what you are getting from the turtle beach headset.

Gaming aspects

The headset makes it easy to start gaming as soon as you put it over the ears because you can use the plug-and-play device instantly. However, you need to set the power switch according to the gaming console like Xbox One and PS4. There is a special setting to support the headset for Window’s Sonic Surround Sound. It’s straightforward to use the headset on a PC but use it for Xbox One; you need to make some adjustments.

You can immensely enjoy the games like League of Legends, Halo 2 Re-mastered, and Risk of Rain 2 even on PC. Even when Windows Sonic is off, the turtle beach headset creates a decent stereo soundscape, and the feature is suitable for less competitive games.

The sound blocking quality is good, and all turtle beach recon 200 reviews praise the accuracy of the audio quality provided by the speakers and microphone.

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