The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher Season 2 Has Won Accolades from the Show Audience but Upset the Book Fans

Going by the Netflix chart-toppers, it is quite clear that the Witcher season 2 has not only arrived but won the hearts of the critics and the audience. Critics are also giving thumbs up to the episodes streamed till now as the percentage of favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes has gone up from 63% for season 1 to 94% for season 2. The fantasy series led by Henry Cavill, now streaming on Netflix, stitched together the episodes much more cohesively. Learning lessons from the season’s poor showing, the makers have now made sense of what they want to be and positioned the series on a solid handle. In the US, the Witcher season 2 release date was December 17, 2021.

What changed for the Witcher season 2?

Season 2 is better at garnering audience engagement which points to the attractive presentation of the fantasy that solved many of the issues that the audience complained about in season 1. The most significant complaint with season 1 was the problem faced by the audience in dealing with multiple timelines. It is no more an issue in season 2. Although a fantasy tale, the appearance of the characters did not seem convincing to the audience in the earlier season. The audience felt that the characters did not look like they were supposed to, and the makers of season 2 have set things right. By overhauling the makeup, wardrobe, and hairstyles, the makers could make the characters more acceptable to the audience. Above all, Geralt does a lot of talking by shedding the earlier tag of a dumbo.

A simple but necessary fix

Shedding the unnecessary timelines worked in favor of Season 2, which helped to maintain a perfect balance between the episodes and stitching a linear story that is more engaging and easily relatable. The story maintains a timeline as if things are happening now instead of crisscrossing decades. As the audience relates to the ongoing incidents and, even better r, it adds an extra layer of drama to the plot. Because of the transition in time, the audience has more concerned about the characters’ fates and takes the cliffhangers more seriously than considering it as mere cliché. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the creator of the fantasy series for Netflix, has done an excellent job by doing the simple fix that turned the tide in his favor.

Improvements noticed in Season 2

To make Season 2 more engaging, the creator implemented the lessons learned from Season 1 and focused on improved action scenes. Geralt moves from strength to strength and encounters more fearsome beasts and monsters as a terrifying new threat emerges. The Continent is under constant threat, and Geralt uses his strength to neutralize the evil forces. The special effects in the fight scenes in Season 2 are much superior, as are the props, sets, and production values. The finale is like a scene enacted in the movies without depending on CGI that helped wrap up the season more convincingly.

Chinks in the armor

Despite the rave reviews of the audience and critics, there are opposing voices that are quite vocal. A section of the audience is disappointed with season 2 because the narrative deviates too much from the book. Book fans are so loyal to the print version that they expect the same from the screen adaptation of the fantasy tales. Not taking the deviations lightly, the contingent of book fans are very vocal in pointing out the shortcomings of the Witcher season 2 Netflix.

In contrast to the rave reviews of the audience and critics that Season 2 is receiving, the current poor review by book fans is also quite strong. The book fans went gaga over Season 1 as 91% considered it excellent, while their season 2 was, showing how many books fans dislike Season 2.

The mixed reactions about the Witcher season 2 show a clear divide between the show watchers and the book readers, while a third group is more forgiving and accepts the changes to the story with positivity. They feel that it was necessary to inject life into a lifeless story.

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