TCL Moveaudio S600 review

TCL Moveaudio S600 Earbuds Come a Close Second to The Best Budget Earbuds Under $100

TCL has been a name in the earbuds arena for many years and consistently offers affordable products which not to be of very high quality but good enough for the money you pay. TCL moveaudio s600 maintains the company’s legacy in the category of affordable earbuds. And the good news is that although the low price compared to other brands in the category, it includes the feature of ANC or active noise cancellation. Be ready for a varied experience when trying out the earbuds but rest assured that there are some bright spots in many aspects that you will realize as you keep reading this review. Remember that producing decent acoustics with such tiny devices is challenging, and perhaps more challenging is to offer a pleasing listening experience under a hundred dollars. Luckily, TCL could deliver what one should rightly expect from the device.

Insights about TCL moveaudio s600


The wireless earbuds have a full-in ear design like many other wireless earbuds in the market that draws inspiration from Apple AirPods Pro. However, the TCL earbuds have a slightly longer tip extending downwards to facilitate better positioning of the microphone. The Ultra black color of the earbuds looks dignified, and other colors like Pure Marble (White), Graphite Grey, Turquoise Blue, and Silver Chrome are also on offer.


You will find the standard controls located in the touch control area on the top of each tip. The device pause or plays in a single tap, the double-tap takes you to the next track, and the triple tap reverses the progress to the earlier way. By default, the functions are mapped to the right earbud; however, you must use the TCL Connect app to adjust the volume in both earbuds.


The drivers are under the soft rubber tips, and you can choose from a set of five different sizes to find the best fit with the perfect acoustic sealing.   The earbuds are comfortable to wear due to their excellent user-friendly design, and you will find a match for various ear sizes and shapes. The Drivers have a USB-C connection for charging and take about 2 hours or a full charge, and you can use any standard Qi charger for wireless charging.

Battery and connectivity

A full charge can play music for 5 to 7 hours with ANC, and the buds offer a quick charging that can help listen to music for an hour. The wireless charging feature of the charging case is a high point for the dainty earbuds that have built-in 55 mAh batteries, but the case has a 500mAh battery. The earbuds have an IP54 rating for water and dust resistance and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE connectivity, making them suitable for use in gyms, pool sides, and beaches.

Active noise cancellation

Any TCL moveaudio s600 review praises the Active Noise Cancellation of ANC of the earbuds that are more than satisfactory in its category. The device uses hybrid ANC using interior and exterior microphones that effectively cut off outside noise while ensuring high clarity in listening. The earbuds can completely cut off the noise of a fan running in medium and low settings, even when you are not playing any audio. However, it does not eliminate everything, which is too much for asking when you know that TCL moveaudio s600 price is under 100 dollars. Even if it does not cut off other sounds, it does muffle those to some reasonable extent. However, the ANC feature makes its presence felt through a background noise when not playing audio similar to what you hear from a muted TV.

Sound quality

The beautiful balance of sound of the TCL moveaudio s600 makes it perfect for listening to various types of audio and not music only. But the earbuds’ performance is relatively low when it comes to bass music. Otherwise, the audio quality is excellent and in the end, what you get from the earbuds depends on your listening preferences.

Despite the shortcomings, you will find it hard to leave TCL moveaudio s600 out from the list of most lovable earbuds. The earbuds will surely impress you, provided you use the proper benchmark to judge it instead of setting the wrong expectations.

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