Raycon E25 True Wireless Earbuds Review

If you are looking to buy the Raycon E25 simply because your favorite YouTuber has recommended it or there are great Raycon earbuds reviews on the Brands website, then more power to your choice. After all, it is individuals’ preference, and if the E25 can improve your day, then you should go for it. However, it is as important to make an informed decision before buying an earbud as there are plenty of brands in the same or lower price range with excellent features.

Raycon was co-founded by American rapper and reality TV star Ray J in 2017. Along with Ray lee, he formed the wireless headphone company with aims to compete with others in the tech industry with affordable options.  The Raycon brand rose to popularity thanks to celebrity endorsements and low prices. The Raycon earbuds are decent though they are not perfect.

Raycon E25 – Sound quality

The frequency response in E25 takes the Bass amplification a bit too far. For Bass lovers, this can be an important feature for good sound, but there are other features to look out for. The emphasis on low notes makes it harder to hear the string’s instrumentation and vocals. This is an important reference track for the audio community. The sound may appear muddy to a layman as bass masks the treble notes.

Raycon E25 – Design

The Raycon wireless earbuds do not isolate the user from the outside world. Even if the earbuds fit perfectly, background noise such as nearby chatter, Car, and AC units sound remains audible. It is probably the ear tips, nozzle angles, and housing has a flawed design. The hardware used by E25 is obsolete and cheap.

Raycon E25 – Specs

A pair of earbuds with modern comforts and features is expected when it costs $79. The model comes with a micro-USN charging port rather than a USB-C port. Its case does not have a wireless option or a fast charging feature. These two features are available in other brands in the same price range.

The earbuds made of plastic have buttons for playback instead of touch controls. Button controls are not to be scoffed at, but the mechanism is such in the Raycon E25 that every time one presses the button, the middle ear feels pain due to the suction sensation. This pain, however, is also felt in other brands like Anker Sound Core Life P2.

Raycon E25 – Battery

According to the company, the Raycon e25 battery life is about 8 hours on a single charge, but it was found to be less on actual use. Testing at an output of 75dB saw it last around 6 hours 43 minutes which is not bad but not close to the best in the market. The   Case charges on USB-C or wirelessly on Qi charging pads. As per Raycons, the case has an additional 24 hours of charge.

Raycon E25 – Price

Compared to some premium wireless earbuds, a $79 priced earbud may look relatively cheap and reasonable. But if you buy a RayconE25 earbud at this price, then you will miss out on a host of features that are available in the same price range as alternative brands. One of the noticeable omissions in Rayon E25 is the mobile app, where you can reset the EQ sound profile controls. Though E25 has an IPX4 rating and protects against water and sweat, this feature is not exclusive as it is available in other similar priced models. The verdict on the pricing is that this earbud is overpriced for the features it provides.

Raycon E25 – Competition

Some excellent wireless brands under $100 can cause heartburn for E25 users. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air2   costs the same, but its earbuds come with touch control features, the premium case with USB-C, sound customization, wireless charging, and long battery life. Another one is the 1More ColorBuds earbuds that is lightly higher priced at$99 but comes with a smaller footprint. It has an IPX5 rating, Bluetooth of high quality, autoplay and pause functions, and fast charging.

Why would you still Buy the Raycon E25 earbuds?

You would still go for a Raycon earbuds e25 because it is a cheaper alternative to Google Pixel Buds or Apple Air Pods and is suitable for everyday use.

You can thus understand the importance and significance of using Raycon earbuds. You are less likely to find better option than this unique earbud out there.

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