Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake

Glad tidings are to gamers and tech-savvy programmers. Finally, Intel has unveiled its 12th-generation laptop CPUs and 22 new desktop Alder Lake chips at CES 2022. The newly LGA1700 compatible microprocessor, advanced features, and robust performance capabilities will outperform AMD’s. Perhaps, the release of the intel alder lake processors would take nine-ten months, but you can have a clear early insight on what to expect.

Intel Alder Lake CPUs

Intel began providing details of its intel 12th gen CPUs at CES in January 2021 and released much more during its July Architecture Day. However, no CPUs were mentioned until the company’s October 27th Innovation Event. The first batch of desktop processors (dubbed Alder Lake-S) went on sale on November 4th. Alder Lake processors are available from several sites, including Amazon.

On January 4th, intel new chips Alder Lake processors were announced at CES 2022, but the new mobile CPUs stand out. To summarize, three unique series are available:

H-Series – Enthusiasts.

P- Series – Thin and light laptops

U- Series – General Purpose.

Because these are designed to be integrated into devices, a specific release date is irrelevant. However, some corporations have already showcased gadgets powered by the intel alder lake, and it appears as though many more will follow.

Specifications and features of Intel’s Alder Lake

Alder Lake had a significant effect on Intel’s silicon. Intel has developed CPUs that surpass 14nm technology for the first time since 14nm chips in 2015. Intel 7 is the official name for the new 10nm technology, which was introduced in July 2021 as part of a new architecture concept.

Desktop CPUs:

Unlike Apple’s M1 processor family based on ARM, Intel has rebuilt its CPU to facilitate high compatibility and improve performance. Performance and energy efficiency cores are now mixed rather than focusing exclusively on building the most powerful chip possible. Battery life should be extended while maintaining excellent performance with its hybrid architecture, and this is a tremendous improvement following the poor reception of the 11th generation Rocket Lake processors.

However, as expected, a new motherboard will be required. The Z690 is the latest Intel processor, albeit the LG 1700 socket may require additional cooling. You get Wi-Fi 6E and USB 3.2 Gen 2 at the very least for lightning-fast data transfer. Thunderbolt 4 is also supported. When it comes to gaming, despite the utilization of the latest RTX GPUs and DDR5 RAM, there are some hopeful indicators from Alder Lake’s first genuine gaming test.

Mobile CPUs:

In Intel’s 12th-generation release CPUs, buyers can expect to have a total of 60 processors. Along with the 28 desktop CPUs already released, there are 28 new mobile processors, and by 2022, several of the most popular laptops will include them.

Impressive Performance

The Intel Alder Lake outperforms the AMD equivalent in terms of performance. A CapFrameX test conducted by the German technology blog computer base on Dota demonstrates the robustness and performance capabilities. The report says that the online strategy game can achieve a maximum frame rate of over 549 and an average frame rate of over 120 frames per second.

The processor in question is protected from overheating by a water cooler. Compared to AMD’s current flagship CPU, the Ryzen 9 5950X, it outperforms it by 26% in both single- and multi-thread performance (11%). Since their launch, there have been many great Alder Lake CPU benchmarks, including the Core i7-12700H.

Cost of Intel Alder Lake CPUs

When consumers buy Alder Lake desktop CPUs on their own rather than through a provider, it implies that price is a far more important factor to consider. To give you an idea of what you would pay in the United States after the intel 12th gen release date, the following are some approximate conversions for the United Kingdom:

Core i9-12900K – $589 (about £430), Core i9-12900KF – $564 (about £410), Core i7- 12700K – $409 (about £300), Core i7-12700KF – $384 (about £280), Core i5-12600K – $289 (about £210), and Core i5-12600KF – $264 (about £190)

These are indicative prices; you may pay more or less depending on the retailer you select. The 22 new CPUs announced at CES 2022 will not be commercially available until the following year, in 2022.

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