Essential Features of Google Home Max

The Speaker Remains Popular Despite Google Discontinuing It

Google has been making speakers for a long time, but there was always some skepticism about these devices’ suitability for listening to music. Given that Google’s name does not come to the mind first when you think of home audio, the skepticism seems to be quite logical.  At best, the speakers launched earlier by Google (remember the Nest line of smart home devices) were suitable for communicating with the Google Assistant.  But never was it good enough for listening to music.  All that changed with the launch of the Google Home Max speaker, a speaker meant for listening to music.  Although Google discontinued the product as part of its business strategy, the Home Max speaker is still much relevant and fresh in the memories of music lovers.  To understand the good and bad about the speaker, keep reading this Google home max review.

Google Home Max review highlights the versatility of the smart speaker

Google Home Max is different from other speakers because it is a smart speaker.  But, before talking about any aspect of the Home Max speaker, it is better to clear out a few doubts about the kind of users who can try out the device. The user base comprises those within the Google ecosystem as a Google product. It means that Apple users cannot use the Home Max speaker. However, if you have a Chromecast, you can ask the speaker to activate your TV even without touching the remote. The speaker can help you out in the same way for streaming YouTube and YouTube Music. Since the Google Assistant is built-in to the speaker, it can serve other purposes than just streaming music.

The build

The smart speaker, Home Max, is a bigger speaker than its rivals like Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo (4th Gen), measuring 33.5cm x 18.7cm x 15 cm, and it’s heavy too.  Yeah, the speaker weighs 5.3 kilograms that affect its portability.  A stationary wired speaker that needs a power outlet for plugging in, the Google home max white speaker has a hard plastic housing covered with a fabric in the front that feels nice to touch and doesn’t interfere with the sound in any way.

Under the fabric are four lights that glow when adjusting the speaker, and upon the speaker responding to your command, the lights off. You will see the physical mute switch at the speaker’s back and a 3.5 mm power supply input. The mute switch only mutes the microphone but does not stop music playback. However, when the music plays at 75% and above, the Home Max does not pick up the voice commands spoken at average frequency.  It would help if you shouted for the Google Assistant to hear you.


Now let us look at the Google home max specs.  The speaker fabric, Acoustically Transparent, comes in two shades of chalk and charcoal. The speaker has a pair of 4.5 inches coil woofers of high-excursion and dual voice. Inside the speaker is the Google Assistant, and it has Bluetooth, Chromecast, and USB-c connectivity.  The wired speaker does not have a battery.

Sound quality

The Google Home Max speaker is in a class of its own regarding the quality of sound it produces. Learning from its previous experience with low-performing speakers, Google was firm on making the best speaker for listening to music. To ensure that the sound quality is superb, Google used its algorithms while building the speaker with six internal microphones. As a result, the speaker automatically adjusts its EQ by considering its placement. Google names this feature Smart Sound, which helps maintain consistency in the sound quality regardless of the surface on which you place the speaker.  Whether you place the speaker on a marble countertop or a wooden surface, the sound quality that remains common in any Google home max review is the high rating of the overall audio performance.

The speaker captures the complete and precise frequencies in the mid-range, has an excellent tonal balance, great volume consistency, and the distance rendering sounds so natural. The speaker creates an impactful punch at high volumes with an incredible maximum volume that makes it one of the best party speakers.

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