Bose Soundlink Color Ii Review

A Good Speaker for Casual Listening and Party Music

If you are looking for a tiny Bluetooth speaker that you can comfortably carry under your arm and has superb sound quality, then the Bose soundlink color ii speaker is right for you. The company released the speaker in 2016. People still show interest in Bose soundlink color ii review, which points to the reliability of the device and the trust it enjoys among consumers. The durable and portable speaker is small in the true sense of the term. Its size is 5.6cm x 12.7 cm x 13.2 cm and weighs only half a kilogram. The minuscule speaker comes with multipoint connectivity, a microphone and produces a good, loud sound. The size of the speaker defies convention because it is not big enough to be a party speaker. Yet, the sound output of the small speaker matches that of the bigger party speakers when you switch on the ‘Party Mode.’

Moreover, the IPX-4 rating confirms that the speaker can withstand splashes and spills, typical during parties. To use the speaker during parties, you can amplify the sound by synchronizing a pair of speakers by using the ‘Party Mode’ feature. The short and stout-built speaker of the size of a teapot is ideal for students who can get more volume at a moderate price.

Now let’s proceed to know more about the Bluetooth speaker that comes in 4 attractive colors and is most suited for casual listening.

Bose soundlink color ii review

The square-shaped speaker stands on a rectangular base, and a silicone covering ensures better gripping of the speaker to avoid it slipping off the hands due to the small size. The dual passive radiators that help to amplify the bass notes rest beneath the silicon layer. The Bose soundlink color portable Bluetooth speaker ii has a control panel of six buttons to control the playback functions, and you can access virtual assistants while alternating between source devices. However, the responses of the Google Assistant are so feeble that it is almost inaudible. Using the optional ‘Party Mode’ becomes helpful to pair two Soundlink Color II speakers with louder sound. You can automatically keep the speaker tuned to all updates using the Bose Connect app, as it happens with other Bose speakers.

Well, this is just a synopsis and here are more details about the design, performance, and value you can expect from the speaker, which is an upgrade of its predecessor Soundlink Color-I that received huge appreciation. The speaker is suitable for use at any place from the house to the park to the poolside, shower, and beachside.


The stand-up speaker with a square front and back and a rectangular base and top is available in four colors – soft black, polar white, aquatic blue, and coral red. The Bose soundlink color portable Bluetooth speaker ii has the feature that allows using voice prompts. To activate the voice assistant, you need to press and hold the multifunction button in the control panel at the top to start using the speaker. You must download the Bose Connect app, which helps explore every feature to the fullest. The speaker has a 30-foot connection range which is quite impressive. Besides Bluetooth pairing, you can even use a wired connection via the 3.5 mm headphone jack at the speaker base.


The sound quality of the Bose soundlink color ii speaker is excellent, and the dynamic range is excellent for a speaker of such a small size. The twin 40 mm drivers do not produce blaring and deafening sounds but will surely satisfy you with adequate loudness that enhances listening pleasure. The speaker size does limit the sound output, and although you can use it as a party speaker, it best suits a small gathering of about six people. For a bigger crowd, the speaker’s sound would appear to be disappointing because you must admit that it’s a small speaker after all.

To end the Bose soundlink color ii review on an optimistic note, it is worth mentioning that the speaker seems most suitable for genres of music like simple classical pieces, jazz, soft rock, and live performance. Although you have to settle for less bass, the sound is adequate to please you.

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