What makes a good Bluetooth speaker?

Knowledge About The Types of Bluetooth Speakers And Their Features Eases The Selection.

The Bluetooth speakers have been the game changers in the audio landscape by ensuring sound portability produced by some devices. The popularity of Bluetooth speakers has gone through the roof over the years. You can enjoy music streamed from any device compatible with the speakers with utmost convenience. Connecting the Bluetooth speakers to smartphones is the easiest way to enjoy music in any setting without worrying about power outlets and dangling wires. Several Bluetooth speakers, from the small compact speakers to the prominent party speakers, ensure that anyone gets the speaker of their choice. Due to the wide variety of Bluetooth speakers that often share some commonalities; the task of selecting the right type of speaker is a bit daunting. But, once you know what features to look for, the task becomes relatively easy.

Types of Bluetooth speakers

Differences in the design, size, appearance, features, and functions are inevitable, while all speakers claim to be the best in the category. Before considering the type of Bluetooth speaker, it is essential to focus on how you want to listen to music. The choice of Bluetooth speakers depends on whether you prefer an intimate listening experience or enjoy party music. That you prefer Bluetooth speakers makes it clear that you love the portability to carry your music along with you. The type of music you enjoy – Jazz to Blues to the Classical renditions also impacts the speaker selection, just as the setting where you play the music, indoor or outdoor, matters a lot. Above all, you must know what is a good Bluetooth speaker that serves your purpose.


Bluetooth speakers must match with the users’ lifestyles, for which the makers provide various options of portability. The different sizes, shapes, and handling arrangements like the clips and handles ensure that users have maximum flexibility to carry the speakers around with them. The carabineers of some small-sized compact speakers make it highly convenient to clip the speakers to bags, backpacks, and belts. Different sizes and shapes of the speakers influence portability, and you must match it with your needs to ascertain which type of Bluetooth speaker would serve your purpose.

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology ensures wireless connectivity of the speakers with compatible devices, and the connection’s stability and range depend on the technology used. The first version of Bluetooth launched in 1999 kept evolving, and Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth 5 are now available. The latest version Bluetooth 5 is superior to Bluetooth V4.2, and it can impact the appeal and performance of the speaker. Different types of Bluetooth speakers use other technology. Since Bluetooth5 is much faster than Bluetooth4, if you want to hook up the speaker with some smart devices, then 5 is better than 4. Luckily, Bluetooth 4 is on its way out, and most Bluetooth speakers have Bluetooth5.

Compatibility with smart devices

Most of the available Bluetooth speakers are smart speakers and do much more than streaming music. These speakers can interact with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and others, becoming an integral part of smart homes and living. Amazon’s Echo line of speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) has Alexa built into it that you can activate to access more speaker features. The JBL Link portable speaker is compatible with Google Assistant.

Consider multi-room features

To make a Bluetooth speaker stream music across a large area without affecting the sound quality, you need to choose multi-room speakers supported by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can connect several speakers in a series and spread the music all around while maintaining the same sound quality. Whether you are happy with using a single Bluetooth speaker or want to pair it up with other similar speakers is a factor to consider during speaker selection.

Some types of Bluetooth speakers have a USB-C port and an auxiliary input that lends more flexible options for connectivity. The aux-port allows connecting the speaker to any old model device with no wireless connectivity. Having the USB-c ensures faster and efficient charging than the MicroUSB. A Bluetooth speaker that supports aptX-HD helps listen to the high-resolution sound.

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