UE Boom 2 Review

The Looks And Performance Of The Speaker Fulfil User Expectations.

To enjoy sound and music by the poolside or beachside as if in a party setting would require some party speaker of a smaller size like the UE Boom 2 that’s handy and portableThe speaker has been quite popular for more than five years and is still a good choice despite Logitech launching UE Boom 3. The unmatched style and sleek design of the Bluetooth speaker look highly attractive when you consider its waterproof quality denoted by the IPX7 certification. You can use the speaker in any outdoor environment to carry your music with you without any concern while enjoying it with your mates or alone. The speaker looks like a designer bottle that can deliver loud sound from a distance, and you can charge it wirelessly with a dock. To know more about this enchanting speaker, keep reading this UE Boom 2 review.

UE Boom 2 review

The UE Boom 2 speakers are the second generation of waterproof Bluetooth speakers from Logitech’s famed brand Ultimate Ears (UE) and would indeed find a place in the wish list of any music lover. Those looking for a tough and rugged speaker suitable for outdoor use would find the small speakers most suitable. The speaker maintains the legacy of the high-quality loud sound of the UE Boom series of speakers but with several improvements over its predecessor. The UE Boom 2 speaker is part of the evolution process undertaken by speaker manufacturers to offer a better listening experience by introducing new versions of a trusted brand.

The small size of the lightweight speaker, which is only 2.5 x2.5 x7 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds, might not portray the true capabilities of the high-performance speaker. To understand what you can expect from the speaker, let us look at the UE Boom 2 specifications. 

Build and design – 

The speaker is genuinely rugged and quickly passes the test of withstanding shocks. Even if you drop the speaker from a height of 5 feet or roll around in the mud, it remains unaffected. As the speaker is waterproof, immersing the speaker in water briefly doe not harm it in any way. It does not mean that you must put your speaker to the test, but the speaker would be functional if anything like this happens. The metal mesh that warps the speaker all around looks great. You can purchase a carrying case separately to carry the speaker conveniently.

Connectivity –

From what you heard about the speaker so far, it should not be hard to understand that the speaker is for the younger generation who loves to enjoy their music anytime, anywhere. The Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker imparts the flexibility expected from this type of speaker, and the connection works seamlessly. The one-touch NFC connectivity remains uninterrupted for an extended time and can capture signals up to a distance of 100 feet. The speaker also has a wired-set up with a 3.5 mm input and micro-USB.

Controls –

Since the younger generation finds tap operations most convenient, the UE Boom 2 speakers have Tap Controls. To operate the speaker, you must tap on the desired icon to increase or decrease the volume or change tracks. Overall, the adjustment is easy and pleasant.

Sound –

Going by the UE Boom 2 specifications, the speaker’s sound is much louder than the earlier version by at least 25%. The claim seems logical because of the increased size of the drives that are now 1.75 inches from the earlier size of 1.5 inches. A similar increase in the size of the passive radiators, which have gone up from 2 inches to 3 inches, helps produce a much louder sound. Although you can play the speaker at much higher decibels to test its capabilities in making a loud sound, its better not to push it to the limits. For the best sound clarity and soothing listening experience, it is better to maintain the volume close to 100% level without exceeding. Although the speaker supports good bass and the treble is accurate, it struggles to negotiate the lower frequency sounds.

No UE Boom 2 review is complete without mentioning the battery life, which at best is 12 hours against the claim of 15 hours.

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