Sony Srs-Xb32 Review

The Speaker That Doubles As a Fun Speaker and Party Speaker

Sony’s name has become synonymous with sound systems and speakers as there is a speaker for everyone at any price range. SONY’S PRIDE HAS BEEN the XB range of portable, Bluetooth speakers for many years. The latest offering Sony srs-xb32 has a rugged, waterproof design with long battery life and superior sound quality. However, it’s a large and heavy speaker and needs a little more effort to move it around, but considering the sound quality and overall superior performance, no one should mind it. This is what you will gather from any Sony srs-xb32 review, although there are finer details to talk about.

Now, let’s discover more about the magical sound machine with a few comparisons.

Sony srs-xb32 review

To add more flexibility in using the speakers in any environment, the Sony – srs-xb32 portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof with an IP67 rating, making it dustproof. The speaker is ideal for campers or those who love to party under the sky, including the beachside and poolside parties. The hard plastic body of the speaker has a rough fabric cover, a pair of 48 mm full-range drivers, and the dual passive radiators help capture the nuances of the low frequencies perfectly. The extra bass feature adds to it that gives a little more oomph to the get-together parties you frequently host or attend.


The Sony speaker SRS xb32 will attract the pool crowd and beach crowd that become evident from the design, features, and looks. The speaker weighs about 2 pounds and, unlike most Bluetooth speakers, has a horizontal design measuring 3.4 inches x 3.4 inches in height and width and 9 inches long. Although slightly bulk, you can carry the speaker along with you in a bag.

The IP67 rating means that the speaker can withstand water exposure when immersed up to a depth of 1 meter. If there is a sudden shower when partying outside or someone sprinkles water on the speaker accidentally or otherwise, there is no need to worry. The speaker keeps blaring as if nothing happened. The LEDs display the activity level of the speaker, and the occasional flashing of the tiny strobes seems to be in tune with a delightful performance. The controls are on the top panel upon a rubberized surface.


Besides the on-speaker controls, users can have more refined controls and access to more features to create the best sound quality by using the Sony Music app that comes free and is compatible with iOS and Android. Besides the manual adjustment of EQ, there are some pre-set options too. In addition, there are at least a dozen light modes to choose from. To get the most from the speaker, trying out the entire range of features makes enough sense. To switch on the Party Booster feature, you have to tap on five different speaker parts to add some special sound effects. The Live Sound mode helps to simulate a 3D sound effect.


You can register the Sony speaker SRS xb32 with three devices simultaneously, but the speaker can automatically detect the current source and provide the output accordingly. You can connect the device by tapping your smart phone if NFC is enabled or via the standard Bluetooth procedure. The device supports multiple Bluetooth codecs, including Sony’s LDAC codecs that facilitate high-quality streaming. Although no high-quality codec is perfect, the codecs of the device are much superior to any SBC codec. Although the Bluetooth 4.2 has a 9-meter range, many testing results showed you could get almost double the capacity.


The speaker delivers some solid bass compared to its size, but at top volume, the deep lows dramatically fade out as the digital signal processing (DSP) activates. Besides amplifying the speaker performance, the DSP lends stability to the audio and prevents it from falling off a clip. However, distortion can still happen when you turn on the volume too high. Although the battery life is 24 hours, what you get will be much less, as per Sony’s claim.

According to any Sony srs-xb32 review, to get the most from the battery, you have to optimize the use of lights and other features.

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