4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your VR Escape Room Experience

Becoming an escape artist in the ever raging adventure – ‘the escape room’ is no joke; you need a lot of patience, practice and preparation before you fully immerse yourself in it.

The format is commonly played in a group of close people like friends and family. A back story is laid before you enter the room (which usually has the first clue) and then you have to go on looking for adjoining clues to escape the enclosed room.

If this still doesn’t catch your attention, successful companies like Meetspace VR have brought the virtual reality aspect into it. With limitless options of creating any kind of room with VR, you’re bound to feel your adrenaline rush and the mind panic!

It is this panic that lets you down, so we’ve formed a list of tips and tricks that can help you become a true escape artist.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Choosing the right team

In a VR escape room, the most important thing is your team. We suggest you bring your friends or co-workers, someone that knows you thoroughly.

It is important to do so because, in escape rooms, the most essential aspect is cooperation and communication; meaning, a pre-set skill in this area will come in handy when you play.

A common context for communication can be more helpful than you think and your friends and family can help you out here.

Another helpful thing that you can do is not play at maximum team size to avoid physical crowdedness.

Working together 

If you’re constantly trying and failing at solving a puzzle, you should pass the baton to another member of your team. A fresh outlook can always help and save you time for other clues and their solutions.

This also ensures that the puzzle piece is not forgotten and that there is enough attention to every unsolved piece.

Similarly, it is important to listen – however crazy/reasonable of an idea your teammates bring to the table, you should hear them out. Who knows, the idea can spark a few other lights and you could reverse it in your favor!

You are also yelling help! As soon as you find something worthwhile, you should cut the chaos and bring everyone’s attention to your discovery.

Following an organized approach 

The most common clue is finding a key. It is rarely used more than once, so the good idea is to leave them in the lock for your sanity. The time that one would spend using the same key again in another lock will be saved while making things easier for you.

Similarly, having a ‘discard pile’ is also very useful, and it helps prevent your team members from re-examining the same object repeatedly.

All in all, keep things organized in the room. For example –

  • Stack books together
  • Place the loose objects together on the table for easy visual
  • Put all the unused things in a central location

Conducting comprehensive search 

Since escape rooms are all about playing in a group, you should reap maximum benefit out of it. Each team member brings a different set of skills, useful for unexpected situations.

For starters, at the beginning of the game, split the room sections and assign them to different members to explore. This can help have a comprehensive search of the room.

That said, once in a while, you should also ask for hints from the host – after all, their sole purpose is to help you!

While you’re at it, remember that the architects and interior designers of this room create false clues to confuse you. So if you ever find a random number written in black marker on furniture, it’s a fake clue!

Similarly, do not fiddle with power outlets unless you have to because it becomes a concern of safety and a waste of time.

To sum up

Some of the most memorable experiences of an escape room haven’t been solved, so you shouldn’t fear losing. With all these tips and tricks that can help you bring out your A-game, you shouldn’t worry about making mistakes because that makes funny memories in the future.

So the bottom line is to have fun while solving the puzzles instead of chaotically rushing to finish them. Another good piece of advice is having fun in the process and enjoying the chaos these games create!


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