Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review – Access A High-End Phone Without Straining Your Purse.

It’s been more than 14 months since the Samsung galaxy s20 FE release on October 2, 2020, but users still love it. Despite Samsung Galaxy S21 FE being on its way, users would still find better value in S20 FE. Both phones have the same price of $699 and despite the faster speed, better touch response rate, dual recording mode, improved Night mode of S21 FE, the older variant of S20 FE is still a favorite. To know about the other aspects that make S20 FE a favorite among Samsung fans, keep reading this Samsung galaxy s20 FE review.

Such high trust in S20 FE is because the phone delivers much more than other expensive phones at the most reasonable price. The performance of the S20 FE powered by Snapdragon 865 chipset is the same as phones that cost double the price, and it is also among the first phone in the mid-range price to offer a display of 120 Hz. Despite going past the first anniversary and the S21 FE knocking at the doors, the S20 FE seems to continue its good run for some more time.

A summary of Samsung galaxy s20 FE review

Samsung introduced the S20 FE (Fan Edition) as part of its marketing strategy to gain more mileage from the popularity of its S series phones. By the company’s admission, Samsung galaxy s20 FE 5g is an affordable variant of S20 that blew away the minds of smartphone enthusiasts, though in limited numbers because of the high price. The phone is for the brand’s fans who want all features packed into a single phone without burning holes in the pocket. You can do whatever you like as the elements can support all kinds of activities from filling your feed, gaming, or photography. The company gives easy access to high technology at an affordable price by introducing S20 FE that appears to be ready to run a long race.

What’s inside?

Now let us look at the Samsung galaxy s20 FE details which should help unravel the reasons behind the popularity of the smartphone. The first attraction is the phone’s lightweight, which weighs only 190 grams. Next is the Super AMOLED 120 Hz HDR 10+ display on a 6.5 inches screen with 1080×2400 pixels. The phone has a 12 MP main camera with LED flash, panorama, auto HDR, a 32 MP Selfie Camera, and stereo speakers. It has all the other usual features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB- Type C 3.2 but no Radio. The single SIM phone has a slot for a memory card. The phone comes in three variants of storage capacity – Internal memory is 128GB 6GB RAM, 128 GB 8GB RAM, and 256GB 8 GB RAM. In brief, this is all about the Samsung galaxy s20 FE specs.

Pro-Grade Triple lens camera

Although Samsung offers a more affordable price for the fans, it does not cut any corners to keep the price low, as evident from the superb quality of the cameras that are identical to other high-priced models of the S series. The revolutionary cameras of Samsung S 20 5G phones are the pride of the S20 FE phones that helps to capture the liveliest shots for the most vibrant images. Get up close with Telephoto Camera or capture the expansive views with the Ultra-Wide Camera. The Sony image sensor lends more sensitivity to the cameras.

Make the best use of the 30X space Zoom to discover moments that you never believed to exist. The selfie camera is a user’s delight and perhaps much better than the primary camera. The strategy seems to work well for the company aware of how obsessed the younger generation is with themselves. But there should not be any doubt that the cameras are the best in the price range compared to any other brand.


The 4500 mAh battery should last through the day in a single charge, as mentioned in any Samsung galaxy s20 FE review, but there would be occasions when it belies expectations.

However, the phone will not let you down those who look for value for money. This is why so many people still decide buy this model as per their convenience.

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