Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review

The Verdict of Any Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review – It’s the Best Gaming Laptop So Far

Legion laptops are not new to gamers as it has been around for a few years and are a name to reckon with among high-end gaming laptops. But the latest batch of Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptops released in CES 22 has a few firsts to its credit. It is the world’s first 16-inch gaming laptop with a WQHD+ (2560×1600) display and an adaptive refresh rate of 240 Hz. With the new release, Lenovo could make up for the deficiencies in the performance of the earlier models Legion. The claim will surely attract gamers toward the laptops powered by 12th Gen Intel CPUs and AMD-Ryzen next-gen processors. This Lenovo legion 5 pro review will help you understand why the laptop is on the top list of high-end gamers.

Lenovo legion 5 pro review

The bulky looks of the Legion 5 Pro laptops will remind you of the gaming laptops of the earlier generation, although inside, you will find the latest Nvidia and AMD technology. The Lenovo legion 5 pro specs include a Ryzen 7-5800H processor, a 1GB NVMe SSD, working memory of 32GB DDR 4, and an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070. The details indicate the device’s high performance and leave gamers delighted. Another aspect that buyers should consider is that the hardware does provide the desired ultra-high performance, unlike many of its competitors. The powerful processor can handle anything you throw at it, which makes it one of the best gaming laptops currently available in the market.

The Legion 5i Pro features

The screen resolution belies the screen size of 16 inches and offers an excellent display that meets the expectations of gamers to the fullest. The 16:10 aspect ratio ensures more comprehensive visibility as it accommodates more objects and images that does away with scrolling or resizing windows to fit all things. The taller, high-resolution screen is the most notable feature of the next-gen gaming laptop 5i Pro, likely to hit the market in February 2022, followed by the Legion5 pro in April 2022.

The TrueStrike keyboard with a Numpad and stuffed layout, dedicated media keys, and an entire row of function keys is sure to delight users because of the device’s comfort. The arrangement seems to be created thoughtfully. The trackpad is highly responsive, and the speakers are much better than the average, with nice sound clarity. The larger size of the laptop balances the sleek design nicely that includes several ports. You can upgrade the RAM and storage by using the two RAM slots and M2 slots, which you will not find in most slim laptops due to space constraints.

The speciality of Legion 5i Pro features

The Legion 5i has many similarities with Legion 5 except that the former can accommodate the next-gen AMD Ryzen processor or the 12 gen Intel Core i9 12900H CPU. The device houses the latest RTX30 Series GPU and has DDR5 RAM up to 32 GB, and the storage capacity is 1TB of PCle SSD.

Besides the high-speed processor, which ensures a superior gaming experience, the 240Hz adaptive refresh rate of the laptop is sure to send gamers heads over heels. Gamers could not ask for anything more. The display of Legion 5i Pro is also special because of 3ms response time, up to 500 nits of brightness, and Display HDR400 certification.

The looks

The Glacier White finish is common to both Legion 5 and Legion 5i, and the lightweight is the result of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium used for the body. The laptop weighs less than 5.5 pounds. The Legion Spectrum Lighting feature is a new addition exclusive to Lenovo Legion PCs, and despite the bulkiness of the chassis, it’s thinner than the earlier generations. However, the Lenovo legion 5 pro battery life is mid-range, which users would not mind much.

By referring to any Lenovo legion 5 pro review, you can know about the price. The Lenovo legion 5 pro price was $1529.99 in June 2021, and the 5i price was $1569.99. However, the cost of Legion 5 Pro is likely to come down, and in April 2022, it should be available at $1429.99.

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