UE Hyperboom Review

The Biggest and Loudest Speaker That Delivers Authentic Party Sounds

When looking for party speakers, you cannot take chances with the ordinary ones but bet only on the top-line brands like the UE hyperboom. To take the music from inside your home to the outdoor while you party under the sky with friends and family, there is hardly anything better than hyperboom speakers. UE is a respected brand in the portable Bluetooth speaker segment, and Hyperboom expands the definition of portable speakers. The powerful sound will leave you wondering from where all such power comes. Although the speakers are portable, they are heavy and bulky, yet you can carry them in one hand to move them from one place to another. If you accept the bulk size, then there’s a lot to gain in sound quality which is simply incomparable by any standard with other Bluetooth speakers.

Party time and any party environment need loud music to lift the spirits and set the mood that drives the people crazy and pushes them to the limits of enjoyment. Loud booming music is the hallmark of big parties, and portable Bluetooth speakers can perform the task of producing blasting sound with perfection. On looking at any UE hyperboom review, one thing that draws your attention is the size of the speakers. Usually, the connotation of Bluetooth and portability makes us imagine small, cute speakers, some of which fit into our pockets. Yes, many of those types are available, but for different purposes like taking it with you when spending time on the beach or sticking it anywhere in the home. But when you need speakers for a party, it has to be entirely different, like the hyperboom speaker that produces high decibel booming sound befitting the ambiance.

A close look at UE hyperboom

The Ultimate Ears hyperboom is a big and bulky speaker, unlike the conventional Bluetooth speakers of smaller sizes. The best way to figure out the bulkiness of the speaker you can compare it with a can of paint of one gallon. Precisely, the speaker weighs 13 pounds, stands tall at 14 inches with a width of 7 inches. Every time you lug it around, you will feel its weight that might be a little more to handle alone. However, to facilitate easy movement by a single person, the speaker has a thick rubber strap for better gripping.

Inside the casing are large speakers and a battery. Each box has two 4.5 inches, two 3.5 inches x 7.5 inches passive radiators, and two 1 inch tweeters. The speaker placement is unique to ensure that the sound travels in all directions. Placing the Hyperbroom near the wall at a corner of the room amplifies the bass as the sound reverberates from the wall.


The hyperboom speaker produces a loud sound due to the square shape of the cabinet, which is usually circular for other Bluetooth speakers, especially compact ones. The speaker comes with IPX4 certification, which is splash-resistant and dust-proof. However, it is not a waterproof speaker. You can place it on the poolside but should never dare to immerse it in water.

As the speaker can spread the audio all around, it nicely balances the bass with the mid-range and treble, creating incredible sound quality with only a few comparisons. Most importantly, the clarity of sound is exceptional, and you can hear the finer details of every musical instrument and sound that most Bluetooth speakers cannot capture. The speaker can nicely dissipate the various elements of sound to make each heard distinctly. Despite the thumping of the bass, you can enjoy the sharpness of the vocals that shine bright and full. The beats of the drum and strumming of the guitars will make you feel as if you are experiencing a live performance.

The loudest of them all

The Hyperbroom beats its rivals, hands down, with the power of sound because it is the loudest speaker that you might have ever come across. The sound touches an incredible 98 decibels at maximum volume without any distortion during cranking. The battery lasts for 24 hours on a single charge which is enough for any party.

You can access music from a phone, computer, or tablet by using the Bluetooth of UE hyperboom. Hence, going for it will surely be a good decision.

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