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Caring for your pets is another way of saying how much you love them and care. Care includes monitoring and keeping an eye on them, even in your absence. Thanks to the dedicated best pet cameras, providing pet owners peace of mind and actively overview their pets remotely. With pet cameras installed at homes, you can focus and be present at the moment, with no worries about your pets because you can remotely see them.

If you’re planning to get pet cameras for home, picking the right one may be tricky. To help you in this, we have brought a list of the most popular pet cameras for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at each of the pet cameras, its distinguishing features, and why you must buy it.

Play 2 Wi-Fi camera

Play 2 Wi-Fi camera

The Wi-Fi-enabled Play 2 Wi-Fi Camera features a 160-degree wide-angle view, night vision, and a high-resolution 1080p HD video. The camera can zoom up to four times and comes with in-build two-way audio set up to talk with your pets. The camera supports music and is controllable via smart devices.

Smart dome security camera X

Smart dome security camera X

The camera featured with 340-degree coverage and 1080p HD video is a must for every pet owner. The two-way audio, real-time sound and motion alerts, video storage, auto masking mode, to name a few, make the camera the top-ranking camera. Besides, the cameras have excellent image qualities, good night vision, and advanced algorithms that differentiate between humans and pets for notification. These pet cameras have Google and Alexa for easy voice control priced at $49.99. These cameras also have emergency response services that can connect the owners to the police, fire, and EMS with just one touch.

Smart pet camera

Smart pet camera

With these cameras, the owners of the pets can see, play, talk, and even toss treats to their pets. The 1080p HD video recorder and Wi-Fi features enabled it to make it the perfect pet camera for dogs. The camera is primarily designed for dogs and cats, whereby you fill the pet’s favorite treats and even play a game of catch. You also get the in-build live streaming video, allowing you to see the recordings of your pets even in darkness. The installed microphone enables you to communicate with your pets conveniently.

Live pet cam

live pet camera

Live Pet Cam is undoubtedly the best pet camera for cats. It features 720HD video live streaming, 130-degree wide-angle and up to four times digital zoom to get up close to your pet. The built-in laser and treat dispenser for playtime from wherever you are. The cameras have access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

Furbo dog camera

furbo dog camera

Furbo Dog Camera is interactive, jam-packed with two-way audio, night vision, barking alert, and a flinging treat dispenser, making it one of the best cameras for dogs. It has a high-quality picture with 1080p HD streaming quality and a 160-degree angle lens. The camera has a sleek design and a wooden lid, which goes with the décor.

Skymee dog camera

With a resolution of 1080p full HD coupled with a 120-degree wide-angle lens and digital zoom options, Skymee Dog Camera is undeniably the best on a modest budget. The cameras can cover all the bases, with night vision, two-way audio, a treat dispenser, and Alexa built-in. Mobile controls are also available, supporting both iPhone and Android devices. Above all, the camera can have up to 8 devices logged in, meaning the whole family can access them, making it easy to share images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nest cam IQ

These cameras are made for household security. They can detect the difference between human and animal faces with their inbuilt face recognition technology and see any movement in the home by real-time notifications and alerts. Nest Cam IQ, featured with 1080p HD video and 4k sensor, is an excellent choice for the overall security of your house and pets. They work with Google assistant for easy voice control, and the night vision is simply irresistible.

The bottom lines

No matter which camera you choose, a durable pet camera is to be beneficial for you. With a detailed understanding of the best pet cameras available, pick the right based upon your needs and a budget you’re comfortable investing in.

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