70mai TERA 1000 Portable Power Station Review

One comes across Portable power stations indifferent inverter sizes and battery capacities. A 1000W AC inverter and a 1000 W/hr battery are sufficient for operating small and medium-size appliances for everyday use.


The new portable power station called the TERRA 1000 comes from the subsidiary of Xiaomi, 70mai. The power station has several features and is available on the 70mai’s website for $ 649 at a sale price. The MRP of this product is $999, and even at this price, it is one of the cheapest 10000W inverters. The 1000W / hour battery and 1200 W AC inverter have the unique feature of connecting with a mobile app through Bluetooth. The device comes with a   large LCD, a wide range of output sockets, and an in-built AC adaptor.

70mai TERA 1000 Portable Power Station review


The Terra 1000   has been built to confuse many for a retro boombox. The unit is well built and has a big enough handle for any hand to grip it for lifting. It has rounded edges and is pleasing to the eye, unlike the typical inverter, which has dulled and plain looks.

The product weighs 12.3 kilograms and is heavy as it contains a 600-watt AC charger. The unit comes equipped with an accessory bag containing a car charging cable, an AC power cord, and a user manual.

The product’s durability comes from the steel frame that supports the plastic enclosure. The power station has a limit of 1000 charge cycles before the battery capacity comes down to 70%. A large fan ensures that the power station remains cool even when heavily loaded. The three output sockets are on the panels front and spaced out well. The AC system supports the 1200W in continuous mode. The station can be fast-charged using the built-in AC charger, tops the battery in about two hours.


The Power Station is switched on by pressing the power button and holding it for three seconds until the LCD turns on. The LCD menu displays how much battery is left. The power station navigation uses the four push buttons that allow one to activate different features, for example, the AC Fast-charge mode. Other icons display the pairing and the charging status.

The BLE or Bluetooth low energy interface built in the system ensures that the main battery is sipped slowly. This shows when there is not much drop in battery charge. The power station is connected to both iOS and Android platforms via Bluetooth. One can easily install the 70mai App on their mobile phone, and the device is added through the app menu.

The app is simple to use, thanks to it its menu. A user can control the AC and DC via the buttons on the screen. The LED light and even the fats charge can be turned using the app. The real-time load connection is shown accurately on the app. The Bluetooth range is approximately five meters.


Terra 1000, when compared with other power station brands, stands out with its modern features and efficient functions like fast charge, color display, and app control. The price is also competitive. It is similar to the Jackery Explorer 1000 in terms of sports color though the explorer 1000 is outdated, does not have an app. The explorer 1000 also takes double the time to charge the battery compared to Terra 1000.

The other brand like Goal Zero Yeti 1000 X, is priced at $ 1400 and 40% more expensive. Compared to Terra 1000, it has fewer AC and DC ports and gives fewer charge cycles for the battery.

The Eco Flow Delta Mini brand has a lower battery of 882 Watt, but its inverter power is higher at 1400 W than the 1200W of Terra 1000. It has fewer power sockets, lacks a flashlight, and is more expensive than Terra 1000.


The Terra 1000 from 70mai is a balanced power station with a Battery capacity of 1000w/ hour and an AC output of 1200W. It has modern looks and features that include a versatile App and Bluetooth connection. The output connections are more than sufficient to cover most devices and appliances at home. However, the overall weight is heavier than other brands, but that is because it contains a 600W power adaptor. The LED flashlight can also improve in terms of focus and brightness.

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