The Wizard of Oz Movie – An All-Time Favorite 

Not all movies are about scripts and stories, and something Wonderful Wizard of Oz, starring world-class performers like Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, etc., the movie fan base at a global level.

Let’s explore some of the Wizard of Oz characters and their role in brief:

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy is a little orphaned girl living in the countryside in Kansas maintained by her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Life on the farm is hard labor and gives little chance for excitement to the girl maturing from adolescence to adulthood. She conveys her rising yearning to see the world beyond the limitations of Kansas via a wistful song about what marvels may lie at the other end of the rainbow.

Aunt Em

Aunt Em is the most loved aunt of Dorothy and one of the notable characters in Wizard of Oz set in Kansas. She is the polar opposite of Glinda Oz, the wife of Uncle Henry and the only person who takes care of the farm in Kansas.


Glinda, the good witch from the north, is the only prominent figure Dorothy meets in Oz who has no equivalent back home in Kansas. Glinda the Good’s title is justified because only ugly witches may be evil.

Miss Gulch 

The West’s Wicked Witch Miss Gulch is a bony old lady with a pinched face and a disposition to match. She is a wealthy and strict neighbor of Aunt Em. In the movie, Miss Gulch plays the role of an iniquitous who threatens to take Dorothy’s dog, Toto.


Hunk, the Scarecrow, is one of the hired laborers who actively participate in helping out on the farm in Kansas. When Dorothy arrives in Oz, she encounters a walking talking scarecrow that resembles Hunk. The Scarecrow is excited to accompany Dorothy on her journey to visit the Wizard of Oz in the hopes of filling up the missing gap in his creation where his brain should be.


The Tin Man, Hickory, is another farmhand and a close friend of Dorothy. In that enchanted land, he assumes the appearance of a metal woodsman, joining Dorothy and the Scarecrow to see if the Wizard can supply him with a heart.


Zeke seems to be the most reserved and anxious farmhands back in Kansas. In Oz, the Cowardly Lion, Zeke, adopts the appearance of a Lion, hiding his shyness under false bluster. He wants the Wizard to give him bravery for getting portrayed as genuine bravado.

Professor Marvel

When Dorothy and Toto are on their way to the border, they stumble across an old carny worker who acted to predict the future. Professor Marvel persuades Dorothy that her actions were selfish and showed a lack of compassion for those who love her, causing her intentions to change and throwing her hurtling into the path of the tornado.

The Bottom Lines

The Wizard of Oz is a masterpiece of all time. Undeniably, the movie is a famous and beloved family movie for people of all ages. Besides featuring an abundance of imagination, the Wizard of Oz’s original cast conveys the lesson of being consistent and not giving up on dreams. It is a timeless classic and worth watching at least once in a lifetime.

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