JBL Club Pro Plus review

To Know The Good And Bad About JBL Earbuds, You Must Refer To The JBL Club Pro Plus Review.

In this age of personalization, headphones and earbuds have become must-haves as it ensures complete listening privacy while ensuring a delightful audio experience. JBL is a name to reckon with for gaming headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more. The company has added another earbud to the list – the JBL club pro plus. JBL pro sound promises an immersive listening experience and delivers it to the fullest to the users who soon become fans. The huge customization options ensure that every user gets what they want. The wireless earbuds from JBL have various EQ options, ANC or active noise cancellation, and much more. To know in detail, keep reading this JBL club pro plus review.

Everyday users of earbuds, especially those who plug the devices in the ears while traveling, would go over the moon with JBL club pro plus. The ANC feature allows listening to the desired sounds while cutting off the surrounding noise, and it provides listening without interference despite passing through crowded thoroughfares. Fitness enthusiasts, too, would love the sweatproof device without an ear hook.

JBL club pro plus review

Design – JBL club pro headsets are highly comfortable headphones that you can wear for an extended period. The in-ear device has a dynamic transducer, noise cancellation, and microphone, something essential that every earbud has. The closed-back enclosure is also similar to many other brands that you have seen. The ANC feature is fantastic as it can shut off almost all background noise to ensure the most pleasing listening experience. The neutral and balanced default sound profile and the presets in the JBL Headphones app and parametric EQ facilitate easy customization of the sound profile. You can create the sound profile you want at any moment and soon change it to something else. The battery lasts for 7.4 hours on a single charge. Knowing that users would require interim charging, the makers have given portable charging options for three extra charges.

The slightly bulky design of the all-black earbuds ensures that the device sits gently in the ear cavity. The earbuds are comfortable to wear as it puts mild pressure on the ear that does not feel pain after some time. It encourages long listening sessions without fatigue. Although comfort is very subjective, most people would find JBL club pro comfortable.


The outer panel of the earpieces is sensitive to touch with the controls built into it. The left earpiece contains Ambient Aware, ANC, and Talk Through controls, and the right earpiece controls track navigation and playback. You can assign the earpieces to respond to voice assistants, and both can answer or end calls. The earpiece is waterproof to some extent (IPX-4), similar to AirPods Pro. The device can withstand sweat, light rain, and water splashing but is unsuitable for rinsing or immersing in water. As the charging cases are not water-resistant, you should not put damp earpieces inside the case, which serve as charging docks.

The bottom of the panel of the charging case has a USB-C port to which you can connect the USB-C to USB-A charging cable that comes along with the device. The charging case is compatible with Qi wireless charging pads. Beside the port is the status LED and reset/ pairing button. The case has a flip-top lid and a shell-like egg finish.


The JBL club pro plus uses Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to other devices that hinder compatibility with features like the LC3 Codec and Bluetooth LE Audio. The wireless earbuds support the default AAC and SBC Bluetooth Codec, and it is not a high-quality option for Android users. Although AAC should work fine most of the time, in the end, it is an Apple-oriented feature that might disappoint Android users sometimes.

Despite the ANC, the JBL club pro earbuds might disappoint you during phone class, especially outdoors. While the noise cancellation feature works well to block the humming of refrigerators or the rumble of washing machines, it will not cut off higher decibel noises like the honking of cars. Therefore, think twice before using it for receiving phone calls which is the last point to mention in this JBL club pro plus review.

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