Best wireless PlayStation 4 gaming headsets

This List of Wireless Gaming Headsets Should Help To Pick the Best PS4 Headset

With so many options for PS4 headsets, the process of selecting the one that’s right for you can often seem overwhelming. To make it easy, know your priorities first and then start looking for the headset that serves your purpose to the fullest. Remember that your satisfaction is most important, which means that it is the best ps4 headset for you. However, others might differ with your views because their priorities are different.

If you are a couch-bound gamer who enjoys gaming with utmost flexibility, you would like then you would like to have wireless headsets. But if you are the type who hates to monitor the battery life of the headsets, then the wired headsets are for you. For customizing your audio experience, you might like some add-ons with the headset, like companion software for tweaking the sound, controlling microphone performance, and accessing virtual surround features.

So, here are the choices.

AstroA50 Gen4 2019 – the best ps4 headset that could be right for you

AstroA50 Gen4 2019 is undoubtedly the ps4 wireless headset by all counts. The over-the-ear wireless headset with DAC but no noise cancellation comes in a closed-back enclosure, and a base station minimizes wireless latency during gaming. Despite the headsets remaining locked to the consoles of Xbox One and PS4, it remains audio, and the microphone is compatible on PCs. The sound profile of the well-built headphones has a nice balance. The extra bass helps emphasize sound effects while maintaining the prominence of the instruments and vocals. The graphic EQs facilitate pre-sets and sound customization and the boom microphone is excellent for chatting with teammates by maintaining voice clarity amid a noisy environment. The batteries have 17 hours of continuous playback time, enough for lasting through the gaming sessions. The auto-off timer helps conserve battery when the headphones are not in use.

If you are playing the games in a noisy environment, then the low noise blocking ability of the headset might let you down. The interference of the background noises can be quite an issue, and the audio leaking or audio bleeding from the headset could disturb other gamers around you.

HyperX Cloud Flight X

A good ps4 headset that provides a listening experience matching with the best in the category is the way to describe the HyperX Cloud AlphaX wired headset. The headset is compatible with PCs and Playstations, and you can easily access the controls like volume, channel mixing, and surround sound settings while playing games. By using the buttons and switches, you get the booming sound that provides the much-needed punch to your gaming expertise by adjusting the bassience. The overall performance of the detachable microphone is quite satisfactory, and clarity and voice tone ensures long chatting with the teammates without any distractions. The closed-back design of the over-the-ear headset is similar to other headsets in the category but does not have noise cancellation. The long battery life of 35 hours will meet even the highest expectations of avid gamers.

Logitech G Pro Wireless light speed gaming headset

The Logitech G Pro Wireless light-speed gaming headset is perfect for gamers who focus on extended battery life for the headset. The headset has a continuous playback for 23 hours and can serve the requirement of gamers who love extended gaming sessions without removing the PlayStation 4 headset. The build is good, and the over-the-ear design has two options of ear cup padding – cloth or leatherette. The well-balanced default sound profile has an extra boom customizable using the graphic EQ, which also helps with pre-sets by using the companion software. A low latency connection with the USB dongle ensures suitability for gaming. However, inconsistent bass and treble delivery are a matter of concern. A bass drop is inevitable for users who wear glasses. Finally, it is growth mentioning that the poor microphone performance of the headset puts it much behind the AstroA50 Gen4.

Any of these headsets could be your best ps4 headset, provided you get what you expect and pay for.

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