The New Upgrade from Apple: MacOS 12

MacOS Monterey is the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system. The new update for MacOS Monterey brings in revised and new features to the OS, including SharePlay, photos, extensive guidance for Siri, Message app Updates, along with some fixes for major bugs. Even though Apple has rolled out an update for MacOS Monterey, the Universal Control feature is yet to receive a new update.

The new version for Apple MacOS Monterey comes with SharePlay for Mac. The latest update with SharePlay allows the users to connect with others on FaceTime. Users can seamlessly enjoy and share experiences like movies, music, etc., with SharePlay. The new MacOS 12 with SharePlay allows Apple users to share content from Apple Music, the Apple TV app, and other supporting apps.

MacOS Monterey release date

The mac os 12 release date was in June 2021 at the WWDC while the current upgraded MacOS Monterey release date was on October 25, 2021, and was available to users with compatible devices.

FaceTime is now better and clear with the upgrade

The latest version of MacOS 12 makes FaceTime smarter with advanced audio features and visuals, which take video calls to a whole new level. One can access the new features of FaceTime directly in the upper right corner of the menu bar through the Control Centre. One of the features of FaceTime is Portrait Mode. Applying Portrait Mode adds a blurring effect to the background; hence, you do not need to worry about your messy room any longer if you are mostly on video calls. The latest update also has a simplified grid view which helps the user to glance at all the participants in the call.

Apart from these notable updates in video calls, the latest MacOS 12 has different modes for voice calls also, making calls crispers and clear to hear. Wide Spectrum and Voice Isolation are the two modes that come along with the latest release from Apple. As the name suggests, the Voice Isolation mode works to block out the noises in the background. The Voice Isolation mode is best when in any noisy environment or traffic; talking over calls is next to impossible. The Wide Spectrum Mode is the reverse of the Voice Isolation Mode. The Voice Isolation Mode blocks out the noises from the background, and the Broad Spectrum Mode picks up noises from the background. The Broad Spectrum Mode can come in handy when wishing your grandparents on their anniversary, and the whole family is in the conference call.

Focus Mode

The new Focus Mode is a boon for all individuals who get distracted easily. The Focus Mode allows users to create a separate individual profile, limiting certain notifications and alerts on your Apple desktop. There are preset profiles such as Driving, Work, Personal, Sleep, Do Not Disturb, and Commuting from which the users can choose or create a whole new profile like gaming or watching movies and customize accordingly. The latest upgrade also comes with an automated setting that lets people know when the user is in Focus Mode through iMessage (to discourage others from messaging the user). Turning on the Focus Mode triggers the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. One can choose to turn off the trigger from the settings.

New and improved shortcuts with the Shortcut App

Initially available in iOS and iPad OS 13, the new upgrade with MacOS Monterey also rolls out the Shortcuts App for Apple desktop. There are preinstalled shortcuts like “Take a Break” or “Shazam Shortcut” from which the user can choose or customize as per their requirements. One can also create new commands like the ‘heat the kettle’ shortcut on their MacBook with the help of the desktop editor.

The Safari Tabs Group

The new Safari Tabs Group is for all those emotional users about closing a few tabs when everything becomes messy. The particular new update allows the user to create separate Tab Groups making the Safari Window look neater and organized. The Tab Group button can be named according to categories. One can add pages to the Tab Groups.

There is more to come

Most of the features Apple announced on the MacOS Monterey are available on MacOS Monterey; there is one particular feature that Apple is yet to release. And this is the Universal Control feature. Apple users are looking forward to releasing the advanced feature, which will allow them to use both their iPad and MacBook simultaneously, making one the primary screen and the later the secondary one.

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