Halo Infinite Review – The Arrival Of The New Halo

Before beginning with the Halo Infinite review, let’s understand how the game works and what sort of entertainment does it provide? The design and build of the game are such that it makes the player feel powerful and give them the chance to explore like never before in the Halo series. Halo Infinite is a “sandbox shooter” instead of an open-world game. Hence, the player has a higher level of freedom in the halo series than they ever had before. The vast battlefield easily connects, and the world inside Halo Infinite is incredibly expansive.

Halo Infinite breaths fresh air for players who have been playing the other games of the Halo Series. In the Halo series, no one ever felt so good, running and gunning, as they feel in the Infinite world.

Halo Infinite does not skip out its past storyline. Instead, Halo Infinite broadens out the previous storyline about the Banished and does not neglect the story from Halo 4 and Halo 5. Even though Halo 5 did not receive acclamations as expected, 343 Industries didn’t just throw away the plot. Instead, they built the storyline for Halo Infinite revolving around the same while adding more depth about trust and comradeship between Master chief and his new AI Partner.

Although open-world games are gaining popularity, until Halo Infinite, the series adhered with the linear segmented mission format, the game’s landscape has enemy outposts everywhere to reclaim and collectibles to collect. At times the design of the game may feel tiring, but the world map of the Halo world makes it easier, and it isn’t that vast.

The game has numerous Forwarding Operating Bases (FOB, the name given by the game for its outposts). The FOBs of the game makes it easier to travel faster and move forward towards the next destination or objective.

The core motive and mission of the game remain the same; shoot enemies at sight with weapons and finish them off and move ahead. In Halo Infinite, the Grappling Hook is the game-changer. One acquires the tool at the beginning of the game, and the tool is crucial to move about in the game’s open world.

The Grappling Hook can be upgraded and is a useful tool for Master Chief to move to higher places and reach targets. Master chief can use the Grappling Hook to lock his enemies and stun them with an electric shock. Apart from the Grappling Hook, there are a few more tools for Master Chief to unlock throughout the game. As the game moves forward, Master Chief also learns a few new tricks which come in handy.

Whether playing the game as a single-player or with friends as multiplayer, it is surely one hell of a game. The games’ graphic makes weapons more real than they ever felt in any game.

The main missions of the storyline are under tight control. One can acquire powerful weapons and their variations by finishing off high-value targets and slaying them dead. What keeps one glued to the game is the different challenges the missions keep throwing at the player.

Halo Infinite release date

The trailer shown during  Gamescon 2021 was followed by the release on 8 December 2021. This was right in time to cap off the 20th anniversary of the  Halo Franchise.

is Halo Infinite free?

The answer to this query is slightly tricky, and it depends on the player, whether they want to play Halo Infinite Multiplayer or the story-driven campaign.

If one plays the Halo Infinite Multiplayer version, it is completely free. One does not even require an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live subscription. However, the Halo Infinite Campaign version is not for free. But users who have Xbox Game Club Pass do not have to pay any extra cost.

The Halo Infinite campaign is on Xbox Game Pass and is available through Microsoft’s subscription services.

One must also know that the Halo series is a living game, and it develops fresh content periodically in months.

The Bottomline

The Halo Infinite multiplayer version is very promising. As the story comes together, it is very easy to lose oneself in the Halo world. A lot can be built in the storyline as it releases more updates in the future. As one unlocks more abilities through every level, the game gets more interesting and enjoyable.

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