Tile Slim 2022 – An Overview

The Tile Slim (2022) is a familiar American tracking device supported by advanced GPS. In 2015, Tile Company upgraded the existing device to expand its functionality to help users locate their devices and provide a more comprehensive application upgrade. In the next two years, the tile team came up with new versions named, Tile Style and Tile Sport. Further upgrades in 2022 include a variety of hardware to choose from; Pro, Mate, Slim, and Sticker. Let us look at the new release and discuss it more in detail.

Design and performance

The Tile Slim for the wallet is truly wallet-portable. It has not changed a lot from its predecessor physically, and the size and dimensions are the same as that of a credit card. Tile, the manufacturer, didn’t redesign its outlook because it is almost impossible to make it slimmer, unlike its previous designs. Tile Slim (2022) has been verified and has an official IP67 rating of dust and waterproof. It is the lightest of its predecessors and beats the Bluetooth radius by 50 feet, from 200 to 250 feet.


The Tile Slim (2022) ringer is loud enough to be heard relatively far, and it also gives the owner of the tracking device peace of mind because of the accessible location of their stuff attached to the tracker. Have a look at the unbeatable features that make Tile Slim stand out.

Scan and secure

Tile Slim is 90% successful at locating lost items and returning them to the owner, assuring that most items will get back to the owner. It has an added feature known as the Lost and Found QR code printed on it. There is also growing support for Tile Slim (2022) on Amazon sidewalks in the US. Once the Tile Slim wallet is registered on your device’s account, it is easier to locate it using the Tile App on your Android or iOS device. It will start to ring to help locate it. Also, the Tile Slim (2022) tile app comes with a feature called “Scan and Secure,” which helps the user scan unregistered devices within a range. However, it does not comply with Apple’s anti-stalking measures.

Find far away

If it cannot be tracked, it is reported missing. There is a feature known as “Find Far Away.” It pins the tiles’ last known location on a map, and this is further boosted by a function known as “Notify When Found.” This characteristic uses Tile’s global network of customers and users, also various network extenders, such as Amazon’s sidewalk in the US, to update the lost tile location as other users pass by. The QR code at the back of Tile Slim reads, “scan me when found.” If the mark has been stolen, the person who collects it will scan it and know the owner’s contact details. It allows booth tile users and non-users to get it back to the owner.

Reverse tracking

The last favorite feature of Tile slim (2022) is the reverse track. If you have a Tile slim but cannot locate the linked smartphone, double-tap the Tile logo on your Tile slim and the smartphone rings. This is an essential tool when you cannot figure out your phone & location.

Battery for Tile Slim (2022)

Thanks to their non-replaceable battery, the Tile Slim battery has a life of up to three years. iOS has built-in functionality that regulates battery consumption while using the Tile app.  For Android, one has to install an operational battery saver app from the play store.

Prices and availability

You can get Tile Slim with a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet from the connecting device at $30-35. The device has voice-assisted search with Siri, Alexa, and Google search and works with both Android and iOS devices.


  • It can be used on different smartphones, and it can be either Android or iOS. This switch is easy.
  • They are an affordable way of keeping track of all your stuff, unlike others that are expensive and require casing, such as the Apple Air Tag.
  • The Tile Slim (2022) can be used to track a wide range of objects.


  • If you want a long-lasting tracker, then the Tile Slim is not the best since it needs to be replaced after three years.
  • If you have a large home with numerous windows and doors, then the range of 250 feet may limit you.

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