Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is your travel buddy, packed with high-performing features, lightweight, premium, and is impressive on several fronts.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Design and Built

If one has to judge a book by its cover then, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 would not disappoint. The stunning machine is a powerhouse packed with the latest business features and can play the latest games without lagging. The lustrous aluminum finish, the smooth hinges, and slim razor bezels all scream out nothing less but class and a premium Product.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the ultimate lightweight laptop which also sums up a big-screen tablet. But it may not perform like the gaming hulk Razer Blade Pro 17 or the ingenious and artistic engine like the Mac Book Pro Series. However, this beast works smoothly between both worlds and eases creative tasks like nothing else. The aluminum finish of Galaxy Pro 360 gives it a classy and premium look without weighing much. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is as thin as a smartphone, and their claim checks out when compared with S21 Ultra. The laptop weighs 2.86 pounds which is reasonably light for a 15″ inch laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Display

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the first collaboration Product by Samsung with Windows and AMOLED screen. Samsung manages to fit in the very spacious super AMOLED TouchScreen, a rotating 360 degrees hinge, unique software features along with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 Processor and not weighing more than 3 pounds. Measuring 15.6″ inches diagonally, the screen is not only roomier, but it rotates 360 degrees and allows users to easily use it as a tablet, a tent, or an easel. Even though it does not back up the 4K resolution display quality, the picture quality is stunning and crisp.

One needs to glance at the screen and cherish the pixel quality while instantly spotting the difference between the average LED and LCD screens.

A smaller and stylish S-Pen does writing and drawing much more delightful. The responsive touch screen does not lag when multitasking. Even though the S-Pen is a little smaller than most styli in the market, it is easy to use, hold and grip in one hand. The laptop has a ridge that prevents it from rolling off the desk when not in use.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Performance

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is backed by an Intel Evo Core i7 chip, and it hardly takes a second to power up and starts seamlessly working without lagging. When it comes to performance, Galaxy Book Pro 360 is far ahead of its contemporaries in the market. Being a non-gaming laptop, one can play some of the latest games like 3D Night Raid smoothly without any hindrances.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Battery Life 

Galaxy Book Pro 360 offers excellent battery life and can easily sail through the day even with multitasking. Even though it is not a gaming laptop, it seamlessly handles basic graphics, and it may lag when running intensive graphic Programming tasks with high detail settings. With a balanced usage mode, one can easily get 12 hours of running time with one single charge. It almost takes 30 minutes to charge up to 25% after the battery drains out completely.

The Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is an all-rounder laptop and can meet the needs of most individuals. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 specs can traverse between both worlds, Productivity, and entertainment, without slowing or affecting the quality of experience. It is fast, dependable, thin, light, with beautiful built. The display allows the user to see the colors brighter and crisper.

The most defining feature is the rotating 360-degree hinge which allows Professionals to use the laptop as a tablet. If you do not wish to spare another grand over a graphic tablet, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is perfect in all aspects.

Even though the Galaxy Book Pro 360 price may be a bit expensive at $1499, it is worth the features and the user experience. If you are on the move and use many creative resources, then the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is nothing but perfect.

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