Best Website Builders of 2022– An Overview 

Gone are the tough days when you hired a software developer to design and build your website. Today, the ready-made website available has made it simple to get a website and enjoy a hassle-free online experience. No more worries about hiring a web developer or designer for your business; register on the ready-made websites and get ready. Here are the best website builders of 2022 you must consider when getting started. Make sure to click here now if you want to find someone that can give you more insights into which platform is best for your business goals.


Squarespace is an American-based hosting service provider with excellent customization options and undistinguishing functionalities. A collection of stand-out templates, designs and themes make the website builder a perfect fit for all types of business. Whether you are looking for a ready-made website with an idea to start an e-com business or merely sell products online, Squarespace is undeniably the best website builder to consider. Besides, Squarespace provides hundreds of flexible templates adaptable to mobile devices and tablets, making it an excellent choice for bloggers too.


Ever thought of starting an e-com retail business? Then try Shopify, which is the best free website builder. With Shopify, you get a responsive and irresistible layout. When you sign up, there are hundreds of free default themes with futuristic styles and designs. Customizing themes as per your choice and making the website by adding your business logo is flexible. The easy-to-use admin screens with order management functionality make Shopify a favorite for busy entrepreneurs. Sell both digital and physical products on Shopify without creating a physical store. Best of all, Shopify allows accepting multiple currencies from the most popular payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and many more.


Next to Shopify, Wix is also one of the fastest website builders with more than 150 million users globally. The provision of an intuitive user interface, 100s of templates, marketing tools, drag, and drop builders, marketing and analytic tools, makes this platform a perfect fit for both novices and experts alike. Leverage Wix to create a digital presence by signing up with a free version. Perhaps, you can opt for a paid version once your business grows. Starting the most basic version at $23 up to the enterprise level at $500, the flexibility in pricing is better than the competitors.


Weebly is one of the giant hosting service providers headquartered in San Francisco. Since its inception in 2006, the company has gained incredible customer response with its unbeatable functionalities and rapid-build capabilities. Weebly has an average of 240-250 million monthly with an increased number of new users. The user-friendly templates, futuristic designs, and excellent support system make Weebly a favorite among bloggers and online retailers. Planning to launch a blog or open an online store to sell your products, get started with Weebly without stressing about writing a single line of code.


If you are looking for a tight-budget website builder, GoDaddy is unarguably the best option. The hosting platform ranks as the topmost service provider, serving more than 17 million companies worldwide. An affordable budget gains customer retention and an increasing number of customers every year. The GoDaddy most basic pricing starts at $2.99 a month, with a yearly contract; the cheapest of all. Looking to create an e-com business, launch a blog, or build a professional website at the most affordable price, sign up and get started with Go Daddy today.


If you are looking for a free website builder, you must try out WordPress. The WordPress website builder started as a blogging tool is now a top competitor featuring excellent features and robust CMS. Easy-to-use dashboards, drag and drop functionality, thousands of themes and plugins, to name a few, makes WordPress popular than any other website builder. In WordPress, what you get is what you see. That means any edits or alterations you make through the WordPress dashboard are the same as on the live website.

Wrapping Up

Setting up your individual needs rightly, picking the best from the Google website builder becomes easy. Based upon your objectives and the budget you are comfortable investing in, choose the best fit from the ones mentioned in the list. If you are a beginner to blogging or your business is at the initial stages, sticking to the most basic or free version makes more sense. Perhaps, you can go with the pricing options as your business levels up.

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