Best Budgeting Apps of 2022 

Budgeting has become a top priority for consumers in the U.S. as financial uncertainties continue with the ongoing pandemic. Though there is no shame in having handwritten budgets, a popular and handy way to track one’s expenses is through a budget app.

With many budgeting apps available with different features, we will review the five best budgeting apps of 2022.

  1. Overall App – YNAB
  2. Free Budgeting App – Mint
  3. Cash flow App – Simplifi by Quicken
  4. Overspender App – PocketGuard
  5. For couples App – Zeta


YNAB or You Need a Budget is on top of the list of the best budgeting app simply because of its budgeting philosophy. The app allows one to sync their bank accounts, import data from files, and match each transaction manually. Unlike its competitors, this app is proactive in budgeting, which only tracks spending.

The app usage can be learned from video courses provided by the company and from customer support. To use the app, one has to sign up first. After creating an account, one can make a monthly budget by assigning expenses for different purposes like rent, insurance, groceries, gas, mobile, etc. One should make a budget against earnings of the previous month.

The app comes with a free trial of 34days. The annual fees come to $ 84 if paid upfront and $11.99 every month.


Mint is one of the top budgeting apps with around 25 million users, the reason being it is being free and easy to use.

One can set up reminders for bill payments, expense, and investment tracking and provide a free TransUnion credit score. This app has some drawbacks, like product advertisements.

One can sync all their financial accounts with the app or add transactions manually. The dashboard allows one to see all the accounts in place and track the daily spending. It organizes the spending category-wise, which one can see. It also has a monthly bill tracking and payment reminders feature. This helps one avoid paying late fees in case of a missed payment.

Calculators like home affordability, loan repayment, and investment trackers also check the portfolio fees.

The user’s data is protected by security scanning, touch ID mobile access, and Multi-factor authentication. The login information is stored in a separate database with multiple software and hardware encryption layers, thus making the Mint budgeting app safe.

Simplify by Quicken

This app is an effective tracker for cashflows. It personalizes the user budget with real-time updates like how much one is left to spend in the remaining period of the month. The app can sync with users’ bank accounts to show them where they stand and their progress regarding their financial goals.

The app tracks subscriptions and monthly bills and allows the user to have a customized watch list. It categorizes spendings and tracks them accordingly. This customized cash flow monitors expenses and helps the user never spend more than what he has earned.

The app uses 256-bit encryption to secure banking data transmission and keep information confidential. The Simplifi by Quicken is one of the best-ranked cash flow apps, which offers a 30-day free trial period. One has to pay $35.99 upfront for a yearly subscription billed as $ 2.99 per month or $3.99 if one pays monthly basis.

Pocket Guard 

This free app is what everyone needs–how to overcut spending, which probably everyone is guilty of. The app uses an algorithm that tracks expense, income and highlights saving goals telling how much one can spend every day.

The daily spending limits make it easier to quit the bad habit of overspending. To start, one needs to connect credit cards and bank accounts.

The app’s premium version is priced at $7.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly. This app is easy to use, provides cash flow at a glance though it is expensive.


This app is meant for couples with or without joint finances. One can track expenses, manage bills jointly, and see their net worth.

The app allows a couple to open a free joint bank account with all regular banking facilities. The app provides joint cards and Money manager app for free. It allows shared and personal budgets options, bill reminders. The app has high security with its multi-factor authentication and data encryption.


The apps reviewed are for all kinds of tracking and budgeting. If one wants a detailed budgeting app, then YNAB is a good choice, and for free apps, Mint is the best.

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