A Smarter Way to Look at Your Weight: Renpho Body Fat Scale

Since the brand Renpho does not yet own any fitness wearables, the design of the scales is such that it fits well in any ecosystem. The renpho body fat scale is an all-rounder and syncs well with FitBit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

Reno Smart Body Fat Scale Design 

The Reno body fat scale is not the usual weighing scale that every house has, lying in the smallest room or bathroom, gathering dust. Instead, this is one scale that looks cool and classy in the bathroom. The scale packing seems like it is packed in a pizza box. Three AAA-sized batteries and a small manual come along the scale in the box. The manual advises the user to download the app to dive deeper into the innermost setting.

The tempered glass platform with four embedded circles adds to the looks and sturdiness of the renpho scale. The embedded circles of the scale have electrodes that gather the body weight and other relative information while standing on the unit. The red LED light displays the weight, and the batteries fit in the underside of the scale. There are four anti-slip pads fitted in the four corners of the scale to sit properly on any hard surface. The overall looks, design, and build will last for a while as long as one keeps it plied with batteries.

How to use renpho scale?

The Reno Smart Body Fat Scale is easy to use once the user sets up the device, and it is as straightforward as setting up any other smart home device. Since the device has only a Bluetooth pairing option and does not have Wi-Fi, setting up is easier than ever. Sometimes it may take ages for a smart home device to pair, and often the Wi-Fi creates a major problem. And this concludes that one simply needs to turn on their Bluetooth and find the device instantly, without any hassle. The one thing that needs remembering is that since Bluetooth has a shorter range than a Wi-Fi connection, one must keep their phone near the scale while standing on it.

Once the users successfully pair the device after downloading the app, there is nothing much to be done. One simply needs to stand on the scale while it records all the body data.

The Reno Scale records 13 measurements of the body, some of which are very useful while others one may not find that helpful. Bodyweight, bone mass, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, protein, body fat percentage, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle, water percentage, metabolic age, and muscle mass.

How accurate are renpho scales?

When tested against other smart weighing scales, Renpho scales offer similar results. Therefore, it is safe to say that renpho scale accuracy is pretty high. The premium scale from the brand promises ITO Coating technology for more specific results. Athletics and individual health and fitness enthusiasts may find it more useful than others. If you are up for leading a healthy life and maintaining your body, the basic scale from the brand is good.

The basic need of a smart scale is to record the bodily changes over a while and not worry about any specific measurements. The details of the body data are to help one use it in their health and fitness program. Healthy eating habits, a disciplined lifestyle, and regular exercise are good enough for an average individual to observe positive results.

The app creates a profile that keeps track of the body changes over the days, weeks, months, and even years if one is up for the same. The app also shows the last date of weight, which is also useful when trying to lose weight.

The final verdict 

Even though the Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale is relatively cheaper than many smart body fat scales available in the markets, it is easy to use, set up, and provides accurate results. If you are still using a traditional weighing scale gathering dust in some corner of your house, it is time to replace the same and start working towards a healthy future.

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